Tex - Ombre nella notte, 5B

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You can leave the horses here. The groomer and stable boy will take care of them.
My god, I feared that we'd need to make up stories for them to let us in but instead it almost seems like they were expecting us. Who says that's not what happened?
What the devil do you mean?! Maybe somebody made an effort to warn them of our arrival.
Do you think the boss will receive them? It's hard to say Kaiva because he's a man who's difficult to predict.
Are they really dangerous, Valance? Tex Willer and Kit Carson? Worse than a thousand rattle snakes.
It's an enormous risk to have people like that around us.
We have to keep our eyes wide open or those damn guys will blow up the perfectly organized plan we created. Damn gringos!
Make yourselves comfortable. The servant will arrive soon.
Horn of a thousand buffalo! This is a true royal palace!
Alfred, my old man! What a pleasure to see you again.
I'm happy to see you too Mr Thomas. It's really a magnificent surprise. How's your father doing?
My father? But what are you saying Alfred?! My father isn't here?
Here, sir? You mean to say in this house? Oh come on!
Come on Alfred, how can you act like you just fell from the clouds? Don't you know that just two months ago my father came to Tubac for a visit with your boss? Your father came to Tubac?
You mean you didn't know about it? No, Mr Thomas.
I'm sorry to see you so distrurbed. With God as my witness I would do anything to be able to assure you to trust me when I say that Dr Ferguson has never put his foot in this house.
Can I speak with Dr Stevens? Definitely. I'll go right away to inform him that you're here.
However you'll need to have some patience because he has to get out of bed. He's had a sickness that's left him very weak. In this case don't bother him.
No, no, I'm sure he'll be glad to see you. I just wanted to advise you not to tire him out too much.
But don't stay on your feet, come to the living room. I'll go advise Dr Stevens of your presence.
How is it possible, Tex, that they don't know anything about my father? The only explanation is that something happened to him along the road and he never arrived here.
What could have happened to him? I don't want to alarm you Thomas but in places like this a robbery can always happen.
Do you think that's a possible hypothesis? You were there when the Sheriff said that homicides and robberies have increased a lot and by all signs it looks like an organized group that up to now has been able to get away with it.
You're right. But if they did rob him what would they have done with his body? And what would have happened to the carriage? Is it possible that in two months nobody would have found him?
Those are very legitimate questions Tex. I don't deny that but we'll need to find an answer for each question.
This is all conjecture but whoever robbed your father would have also taken away the carriage. And the body? Would they have also carried that away?
It's less absurd than it seems. Your father wasn't just any vagabond but he was an important man. His disappearance would have certainly been investigated but whoever might have killed him could have also buried him to slow down the investigation.
Thomas! What a pleasure to see you again after all this time. Ah! It's the same for me.
How are you Dr Stevens? You see how I am. I've had a little fever lately and I feel very weak. Take a seat.
It's also because of my years, Thomas. I'm not so young.
Let me introduce you to my friends: Tex Willer and Kit Carson. They are two famous rangers and the two younger guys are the son of Willer and his indian friend. Pleased to meet you gentlemen.
Sit next to me Thomas. What's this story about your father that Alfred was hinting to me about? I'll confess that I'm really anxious about him.
He wrote to me from Boston that he was intending to come find you and two months ago, the evening of his arrival in Tubac, he sent me a letter in which he was saying that the morning after he arrived he would be coming to your house but it seems that he never arrived.
They saw him in Tubac? Absolutely! The hotel keeper remembered him very well and also the man who rented him the carriage to come here.
But, in effect, he never arrived here. I'm also wondering what could have happened to him.
Didn't you know that he would be coming? Wouldn't he have written to you to let you know about his visit? No, you know that in recent years our relationship hasn't been the best even though I never lost my affection for him, and I think for your father it's been the same thing.
Doctor, you're definitely more informed than us about how things go around here. Do you think it's possible that Dr Ferguson might have fallen victim to some band of criminals?
I think it's possible. In this area there are often signs of the presence of Mexican bandits.
There are also some indians, right? Yes, Pimas indians, but they're very peaceful people.
I intend to visit them to find out if they know something. Two villages are on the Mesa. In a day you could reach them. But I'm afraid you'd be wasting your time.
Excuse me but now I'm feeling tired. I ask that you let me retire. Oh definitely professor.
Lean on me Dr Stevens. Thanks for the help Alfred.
Thomas, I hope that you and your friends can stay as my guests for a few days. Gladly but we wouldn't want to disturb you.
It's no problem. The house is big enough that we won't bother each other. I'll see you later then.
Good! If you agree, I'd say let's get back on the road right away and go visit the villages of the Pimas because, despite the opinion of Dr Stevens to the contrary, I think that the indians might know something about the disappearance of your father and I feel that they'll also have something to tell us about those mysterious man monkeys.