Pinksixty News SATURDAY 04 FEBRUARY 2012

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Hello, I'm Mahalia, and here are the week's entertainment headlines from Pinksixty.
Writer, Armistead Maupin has told fans via Facebook, that he's about to begin work on
the 9th in the Tales of the City saga.
Titled 'The Days of Anna Madrigal', it should be out next year.
Australian network ABC are premiering their new gay comedy next week.
'Outland', is about a group of queer sci-fi nerds, including an indigenous lesbian and
a leather daddy.
The series trailer is available to view on YouTube.
The leader of Hungary’s National Party has condemned the EuroGames, which are being held
in Budapest this summer.
He told a rally: ‘This really is the end of the world.’
Olympic diver Greg Louganis has a Facebook page aimed at the US producers of Dancing
with the Stars.
Louganis had previously expressed his interest in appearing on the show in an interview,
and is aiming to get enough 'Likes' to persuade them to invite him on.
And finally, February is LGBT History Month in the UK.
Stonewall are offering special deals on membership and T-shirts for the whole month.
So visit and to show your support.
That's all from us today. Join us again tomorrow.