[Opinion] The 2012 Olympics and Failed Conspiracy Theories (CC: English)

Uploaded by MaxKroven on 14.08.2012

The Summer Olympic Games of 2012 in London have just come to an end,
and with them, all the conspiracy theories around this event ended as well.
Some of the theories were far-fetched,
like the supposedly fake alien invasion
which would have gotten England
into a military armed state against the extraterrestrial visitors,
and others were a bit more centered in reality, like potential terrorist attacks during
the games, which were also supposed to be false flag excuse to unfold
what has become to be known as the "New World Order".
Many theories claimed that something spectacular was gonna happen in the
opening ceremony, then that it was going to take place during the games,
and then that it was gonna take place in the closing ceremony.
In the end,
nothing of the sort happened,
and i'd like to discuss what this all implies.
First of all,
why would anyone even want to put a conspiracy theory out there?
To what purpose?
A simple assumption would be that someone may have inside information
about an upcoming event
and that this person wants to warn the world about it,
if you knew for a fact someone is going to be killed on a certain date, you'd want
to warn that person so he could save his life.
On the surface of it,
it seems like a noble cause to release conspiracy theories
if they're aimed at sparing people of potential disasters.
The one problem with this, though,
is that unless you have absolute proof and a total conviction
that something is unavoidably gonna happen,
alarming people with no cause is more damage than help.
For example,
some of the conspiracy theories about the 2012 Olympics
were telling people to move out of London,
because the city was going to be transformed
in some sort of prisoner camp after whatever horrific event they
were predicting would take place.
We can see now nothing happened,
and if someone did indeed
relocate out of London because of this,
they wasted their time and money big time.
And so, after all the London 2012 conspiracists were proven wrong,
what are their excuses for failing their predictions?
some of them go the easy escape route of saying "man, i was glad i was wrong,
because had i been right, so many lives would have been lost"
and similar "i wanted to be wrong" approaches.
Others are saying that since the Illuminati (supposedly the main group
behind whatever was gonna happen at the Olympic Games)
knew that all these conspiracy theories were out there,
they decided to do nothing in order to paint all the conspiracists as frauds
and loonies...
and idea that, while not lacking merit,
seems very unlikely when we think about the dimension
of everything considered in situations like this.
In the end, whether any of the conspiracy theories could have been true
and that, somehow, they were thwarted, it's not, in my opinion,
why most of these theories are put out there
in the world.
I think that there may be a more selfish reason behind most of them,
and which is the simple search for money and fame.
If you think about it,
saying that a terroristic attack could have taken place at the 2012
Olympics was not so far-fetched..
it could have totally happened...
and if you were one of those who predicted it, your credibility and
recognition would have skyrocketed right away.
You would have immediately become one of the "privileged ones" who has access to
information most people aren't even aware of,
and that could mean a lot of money coming your way
through TV and magazine interviews or from powerful people who may wanna
pay you
if you give them more of this "information"
you were privileged with.
You have a lot to gain
if your prediction is right, and very little to lose if it's wrong.
And i think
this is the reason why many people release conspiracy theories
even if they don't even have much actual information to back them up with.
Please don't get me wrong:
I am not bashing conspiracy theorists,
as i myself like to investigate facts and events
when something seems odd,
in spite of "official explanations".
I'm just saying that there are people out there
who may jump in the conspiracy bandwagon in order to make a buck or two if things go
their way,
and to me
that's not an ethical thing to do,
that's all.
what do you think about all this?
Did you think something was really gonna happen at these Olympic Games?
How do you feel about conspiracy theories in general?
I'll really appreciate you leave a comment in the section below.
Thanks for listening.