Fundamental Rights Conference 2012: Justice in austerity

Uploaded by EUAgencyFRA on 09.11.2012

Access to justice is guaranteed by the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights.
But, in practice, obstacles persist, especially in these times of public spending cuts.
JONAS GRIMHEDEN: Many obstacles make it difficult to access justice: High legal costs, lengthy and complex court proceedings
and budget cuts effecting courts as well as other institutions and legal aid, make this even more difficult.
These challenges provide a starting point for discussion at this year’s Fundamental Rights Conference, the agency’s main annual event.
It will bring together 300 decision makers and legal experts from the EU, national administrations and civil society.
JONAS GRIMHEDEN: We will be discussing a number of issues related to access to justice
like victims of crime in cross-border settings, e-justice , rights awareness, mediation, non-judicial mechanisms as well as legal aid.
This year’s event is hosted together with the European Parliament and the Cyprus Presidency. It will take place at the European Parliament in Brussels.
MORTEN KJAERUM: At this year’s Fundamental Rights Conference, we again hope for open and constructive discussions on a very difficult topic.
What we are looking for is to find promising practice on how we can continue to have an efficient, effective, independent judiciary in Europe, even in these difficult times.