Project Hope (1961) Part 2 of 3

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brought up in asia
when knew first hand
how much the people needed medical help
whatever her background
every nurse on board was determined project hope would be a success
as for the doctors
a lot of us are duty in world war two
more than half of us in the pacific
and we discovered
field of medicine that american doctors knew little about
as we have said malaria is a
most important disease
of the tropical variety both from standpoint
that at the end mortality
to come now
to detail we have now in the screen here
human blood showing
the malaria organisms within them

with a great increase in travel
to all parts of the world
as important so that we in america are prepared
cope with any threat to our public health
thanks to hope
we have a chance to further our knowledge
before we took off
project hope architecs
tried to make this ship self-sufficient in everyway
assistant to making milk and drinking water
one of the most amazing process
i've ever seen
imagine making milk from seawater
everyday thousands of gallons of salt water from the pacific ocean
are pump into the ship
then the big tanks boil the water
and the salt is taken out
after filtering the water over and over
pure milk solids added
then butterfat is blended
the result
milk that taste just like something straight from a dairy at home
The Iron Cow
and that's what we call the operation
can produced thousands of gallons of milk a day
where we're going
milk is scares
will be needing a ready source
to help build the strength of our patients
although most of it will be distributed to people and the villages on shore
in this case
the containers were labeled in both indonesian and english
so everyone will know what he's drinking
when it comes from the SS Hope
we also have the problem of
how to get along in a country where only a few people understand english
every day on the way over we have language classes
tought by two indonesian girls on the way home from school in the states
silahkan please
goodbye and thank you
it's a four weeks cramped course
designed to help us do our jobs better
on a rainy morning in october
we arrived at our first port of call jakarta
indonesia's capital
now all of us onboard will have a chance to test our skills and dreams
against the realities of a foreign land and people
our first visitors
were ambassadors from the many different countries represented in indonesia
even the ambassador from the soviet union tour the ship
indonesian political leaders
doctors and their wives came aboard to inspect us too
they can see that the SS Hope was a floating medical center ready for business
and not the hollow propaganda post
the day the ship docked
our first group of rotating medical specialists arrived in jakarta by air
they left family and income
to share their skills
with the people of these newly developing countries
teaching while healing
for me for every doctor and nurse on board
they'll be and an indonesian couterpart
who'd been trained in the same branch of medicine
indonesians who will leave their homes
and their jobs
to work side by side with americans
i was assigned to work with dr Noer
young internists who led his class of the central indonesian medical university
I was honored
to be among that was selected by the indonesian project hope comitee
to serve on the ship
english is the offical second language of indonesia
i know in english
but many of my countrymen do not
the science are the same in english and indonesian
will be most helpful
especially do the many patients who will come here
our nurses
as well as our doctors
come to the Hope ship for study
and training
the day after i arrive, ambulance brought the first of those with enough patients
who would be treated aboard the SS Hope
some of them are young and helpless
some of them are frightened and must be persuaded to come aboard
others are old
working side by side with the americans
we indonesians admit the patients
in the beginning we do not know the childs name
nor his village
nor his family
is only a number on our records
for many of our patients
the ship seems a gift from god
some come from the crowded cities
some come from distant jungle village
all are gravely ill
afraid that they never see their homes or families again
the same with americans
seems very strange at first
pain and fear are companion
for all the sick people
we take on board
soon after the first patients are admited
we have the most distinguished visitor
the leader of our country presiden Soekarno
he is especially interested
in the main lecture room
where through two cuircut television
and students learn how
various operations
are performed
the little sick children in the pediatric
got most of the attention however before the Hope ship came
our doctors believed
that all of them
will soon died
now perhaps
there are some hopes for them
our doctors
and nurses
work with americans
prescribing and treating
the lectures help everything
and the whole world of medicine
we indonesians
know we have much to learn from the american
we know also theres much we can teach them too
it is our tasks to inform the american doctors
on tropical diseases
the work of our dukuns
and midwives
our polyclinics
an tropical programs
the american doctors
lectures on pediatrics and infants
surgery and anesthetics
radiology bacteriology and many more subjects
as time goes on
other specialists
will join the ship
to help project hope bring the latest medical information and techniques to other countries
the operating room on constant use mornings to nights
on a typical day we have an operating room one
at eight thirty
swanson operating room two to the same time
at ten o'clock there's spelectamy in room one
and the exclusion of reign in room two
operation follows operation
but they represent far more than just the treatment of the sick
every doctor knows
that when the surgeon has seen an special operations done once or twice
he learned how to do it himself
that's what counts
these indonesians surgeons will be able to go on from here in now
do the operation themselves
and most important
be able to teach others too
eventually we found out that our orphan name is Sonah
the surgery on his tumor lasted more than six and a half hours
our television cameras tape the delicate operation into the lecture room on
closed cuircuit tv
for the students and observers teaching
so that the knowledge of one man
one doctor one surgeon one nurse
can become a knowledge of thousands
this is the basic purpose of project hope
after the operation little Sonah was puzzled about the missing growth on his neck

but he managed to eat well
always playmates wanting to visit him
the surgeon
and intensive care nurses watched over him closely
the result for the first time in his young life
unkown, unwanted when he came aboard
can hold his head erect
whenever the schedule fits, monsoon rain or not
indonesian put together a show