Flammeninferno: Hartz IV Familie abgebrannt

Uploaded by d11btv on 13.09.2010

super guido
super guido
all gutti ...
and power Word Merkel are the K-Team ...
They must save Germany!
Yes please?
Good day dear Unemployment Benefits recipients! Your parcel of the federal government is here! Here you go, your savings package!
They cancel parental benefits for unemployment benefit recipients?
You know how it is when a bit of money missing from the budget. You have to tighten your belts.
We know how to save!
 Yes, - and now that you do not get parents more money, we can help you save even more: you save phone bills and power hungries!
Your children could also deliver newspaper, instead of wasting the time with toys!
heating costs we get now no longer !...?!
What do you want there with a heating without heating costs grant ...?!
you can not...
But that you have it pretty warm anyway, we have something really great for you!
It's very cozy! - Almost like a chimney ...
No, the curtain!
Ooops! Oh dear! extinguish ... or not extinguish ...?
Where's all Gutti! Clear, extinguish! - Let the water flow!
But the water you have it turned off too!
Oh yes - the water grant we cancelled indeed too! Ouh, we have to continue ...still to do a tremendous amount!
So now we have great savings! Now we can also do something good again.
I've had some great ideas! Now we can finally reduce the taxes on luxury yachts. And on fur coats. And of course, oysters. And precious bodies. And golf clubs. And and and ...