Pinksixty News WEDNESDAY 14 MARCH 2012

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Hello, Im Mahalia, and here are today's headlines from Pinksixty.
St Petersburg passed its anti-gay law this week, silencing all gay dialogue in the city.'s Andre Banks said, "There will be a high price to pay for advancing the cause
of bigotry and intolerance."
Germaine Greer was glitter-bombed during a book-signing in New Zealand today.
The Queer Avengers, who carried out the attack in response to Greer's anti-trans comments,
said, “Transphobic feminism is SO 20th Century."
Ben & Jerry's have joined with Stonewall UK to support marriage equality with their Apple-y
Ever After, apple pie flavoured ice cream.
There's also a Facebook app, which allows everyone to 'marry' someone of the same sex,
in support of the campaign.
India's first transgender TV host, Rose Venkatesan is launching the Sexual Liberation Party of
India, to try and change the country's laws.
She said, "Sexual freedom is necessary for everybody."
And finally, X Files actress Gillian Anderson has said she had a girlfriend when she was
a student.
She told Out magazine “I was in a relationship with a girl for a long time when I was in
high school."
That's all from us today. Join us again tomorrow.