HetaQuest 37 - Part 1/2 [ENG subs]

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I have had enough of this child. He's just full of bravado...
Lady Natalya!
... Stop it! If you keep meddling with us, we'll have to kill you!
No! Remove the spell you cast on them!
A Jewel User has actually done us the favor of coming to us? We will kill him and take the Jewel, of course.
That's right, I don't care that you're a child. I'm not afraid of anything anymore.
You can join your friends now.
(Pete thought he could show how cool he is... but Pete is a big failure... Is Pete going to die now?)
The day after tomorrow... is your birthday, right? I'll teach you these words, then.
I'll teach them to you and only to you. Now, pay attention...
He's very still. Is he dead?
Peter... Kirkland...
May the one who made a sacrifice for the Wanderer... give him strength... to defend himself...
At will...!
Lady Natalya! Watch out!
What was that spell? The Green Jewel should have been powerless by now...
Who are you?!
... I won't let you hurt my baby anymore.
Who is that woman?! Are you trying to stop me?!
She's... too strong...! Lady Natalya, we must retreat!
(Pete feels... so warm...)
(This feeling must be...)
Peter! Thank God, you're awake!
We were so worried! You slept for three days even though you had no injuries!
Matthew and Alfred... Where are we?
We're at the Magic Institute of Cenarf. This is Arthur's room.
We were in Kyuret, but Arthur was summoned to the castle yesterday and we had to carry you here.
...!! What happened to Feliciano and the others?! Have you found them?!
The envoy! Feliciano is the mediator!
Peter, do you know them?
Pete met them when Pete went to Ära and we traveled together for a while. They're the first friends Pete has made outside of Elgnand!
We parted when the escort came to Zeldwintsar and...
I see. Well, about that envoy...
All right, do you know what this is?
(Ugh, the Eagle Crest...!)
I got a letter from the emperor of Ära. I've already discussed it with the Council and the Army. Prime Minister, read it.
Yes, Your Majesty.
... To the one who betrayed my trust.
It is truly regrettable that you have taken the life of our prince. Therefore, I wish on your kingdom the same pain.
You have seven days to hand over to us a member of your royal family.
In case you do not comply, my empire will prepare to invade your kingdom. We will lay waste to all of Avenir.
You do not need to reply to this letter. I will know the answer based on whether or not a member of the royal family comes to Ramneyg within seven days.
One member of the royal family, or many of your royal subjects? Think very carefully about it.
Gilbert Beilschmidt Ära
It seems that he won't hear about the impostor escorts or the chimeras that attacked that town.
The truth is that we failed to protect the envoy because of our inadequacy.
... I have a question.
What is it, Vash?
How does the emperor of Ära know that the envoy is dead? The Âgean Army hasn't confirmed it yet.
Do you remember the envoy's name? Ludwig Beilschmidt Ära. He carries the name of his land for the same reason as in this kingdom.
Then that envoy was...!
The User of the Black Jewel. Just as I'm named after Âge for being the User of the Blue Jewel, the Users of the Black Jewel are also named after Ära.
When there are two Users, the mark splits into two, and when one of them dies, the mark becomes complete on the remaining User's body.
With his mark, Gilbert knows better than anyone about the Imperial Aide's death, since he's the other User.
Maybe this whole thing was a strategy to wage war against Âge.
What do you mean?
They're the ones who started this, right? Maybe they're the ones who arranged for those impostors to kill the envoy from the beginning.
Then they pinned the blame of his death on us and started a war under the pretense of revenge.
Of course, this strategy was kept a secret from the envoy, or else it wouldn't have been believable enough.
Your theory holds some water, although that emperor may not be necessarily speaking the truth.
We have no way of checking his mark, so we have no proof that the envoy is actually dead.
He might be lying to corner us and make us present new terms.
That would avoid both a war and the envoy's death... For example, they could expect us to offer some of our territories or reparations. I don't think they actually want to wage war against us.
I see... I thought it was a good theory, though.
I don't agree with America's theory, but I don't think Gilbert was lying, either.
Why not?
Ludwig, the Imperial Aide, was his little brother, and Gilbert loved him very much.
He wouldn't kill Ludwig. He wouldn't even deliberately lie about his death.
I have no evidence of that from when I was with them for just a day fifteen years ago, but...
From what Antonio says, he's a man of his word. If we don't do anything before the seven days are over, he really will invade us.
The letter was written two days ago. We have three days to make a decision.
Oh, come on, that's just ridiculous. You can't make such an important decision in just three days.
If Ära wasn't involved in the envoy's death, then who were those impostors? Why would they do such a thing?
Maybe they're trying to overthrow me... They moved too fast, though. Someone must be leaking inside information.
Anyway, you two will be held responsible for this and go to jail. You'll stay there until you are pardoned.
Vash for letting the impostors take the envoy away, and Arthur for losing the Green Jewel and failing to escort the envoy.
Consider yourselves lucky that going to jail is your only punishment.
Yes, Your Majesty.
... Yes, Your Majesty.
Afterwards, he sent a letter to Ära proposing new terms, but they haven't replied yet. Well, they probably won't want to change their terms.
Now the Council is in turmoil, trying to decide if they'll accept Ära's terms or go to war.
Most of them are of the opinion that they should go to war, but I wonder if that's what they really think.
There are several members of the royal family working in this castle, so maybe they just don't want to speak up...
Either way, things don't look good for our kingdom.
Feliciano and the others are... dead?
I don't know if that letter was telling the truth, but everyone is assuming that they are dead. The searches are still going on, though.
It must be true, though. They cast a death curse on Feliciano and the others.
They said their bodies would slowly become unable to move and they would be dead by the following day...
Oh, my God! That's definitely reason enough to wage war!
If Pete had defeated those two, maybe the curse would've been broken...
If you went against people who can use that kind of magic, you're lucky you're not hurt...
He's right. I'm glad you aren't hurt, but you shouldn't have tried to fight two adults.
We told you to go back to Elgnand. I was really scared when I heard you had been taken to an inn in Kyuret.
Pete is sorry. Pete just wanted to make up for the trouble he had caused before.
HAHAHA! You're 200 years too young to try to be a hero! You won't help anyone by being reckless!
But it's a good thing that you want to help your friends!
Th-thanks, Alfred!
Oh, I'm not Alfred. I'm America, the hero of the world! Alfred is a good friend of mine!
You're not Alfred?! But you look just like him!
Alfred asked me to give you your birthday present, so here I am!
Anyway, here's his present for you! Take good care of it!
America gave Present to Peter!
Thanks... What about Alfred, though? If he asked you this favor, that must mean something is wrong with him, right?
... Alfred, why don't you explain it to him?
H-hey, Peter. It's been half a year.
Alfred! What happened to you?! You look like a ghost!
Well, you see... I died. So, I really am a ghost.
That's why I couldn't give you your present and asked America to do it for me.
I didn't know how to break it to you... I'm really sorry.
... Why...?
Why did you have to die?! Both Arthur and Matthew loved you so much!
You're so mean! Making them worry about you and then dying just like that!
I-it's not like I died because I wanted to! I had a dream! I had so much to do!
I know there are people who are sad that I died, and I really regret that I was so weak!
It's too late now! You should've realized it before and stayed in the forest!
Why did you have to leave Elgnand?! You said you wanted to be a hero, but now...
Peter, stop. Al had his reasons.
Matthew...! Can you...?
Can you see him, too?
I can't see or hear him, but I can guess what you're talking about.
Peter, can't you just forgive him? Al has constantly thought about it and repeatedly apologized since he died.
But, Matthew! Aren't you angry?! He's so selfish!
After Mum died, Alfred was the only one you had left!
And yet...
It's okay. Even if Al isn't here with me, I'll move on with my life. I promised I would.
Besides, I'm surrounded by selfish people, so I'm already used to it. Right, Peter?
Well... Maybe Pete is like that, too, but...
Aha, you rock, Matthew! So, Peter, why don't you forgive Alfred before Matthew goes into sermon mode?
F-fine! Pete will forgive Alfred just so that Matthew will leave Pete alone!
Thanks, Peter! Oh, that's great, my regrets are going away one by one!
Now that I can ask Arthur how I can get back to my world, he's in jail and I can't see him. What am I going to do now?
There's nothing we can do about Arthur...
Is Arthur okay? Will they let him go soon?
It's because Pete ran away from home with the Jewel... Pete really is a bad boy.
D-don't worry! Arthur will definitely be fine! Even when he was going to jail, all he was worried about was that you hadn't woken up yet.
That's right! You brought the Jewel back, so you don't have to worry about it so much.
Oh, yeah, why don't we talk to Francis? Maybe not ask him to let Arthur go, but maybe he'll let a little boy see his dad, at least?
We can't go into the throne room by ourselves! Doesn't Arthur have to be with us?
If we don't try, we'll never know! Peter, are you coming?
Of course Pete is coming! We'll definitely have a higher chance if Pete is there!
Pete wants to apologize for taking the Jewel. You both tell Pete not to worry, but Pete is the User of the Jewel, so Pete must apologize.
It's settled, then! We're going to the throne room!
I think it'll be useless, though...
[Hoata! (Pete failed)] A mini-angel shows a miracle. Uses up drive gauge.
[Water] Deals Water damage to a single enemy.
[Mini-Angel] Goes on Angel Mode. Uses up drive gauge.
[Blizzard] Deals Ice damage to all enemies.
[Ice More] Deals Ice damage to a single enemy.
[Flame] Deals Fire damage to all enemies.
[Ice] Deals Ice damage to a single enemy.
[Fire More] Deals Fire damage to a single enemy.
[Fire] Deals Fire damage to a single enemy.
[Poison] Poisons all enemies.
[Sleep] Puts all enemies to sleep.
[Frying Pan] It reads "spare" on the handle.
[Light Blue Hat] A hat that Peter always wears. It's a little oversized.
[Fur Robe] A robe made of white fluffy fur.
[Green Jewel] Jewel protected by a family of wizards from Elgnand. It constantly increases its User's magic power during battle.
Peter: Apprentice Wizard User of the Green Jewel Head Wizard Arthur's son Respects his father very much
It's a mysterious thing with an offensive smell.
Ugh! Wh-what the...?!
It's a scone! If no one is going to eat it, Pete will, okay?
*munch, munch* ... It's delicious!
That doesn't even sound like a scone! You're weird!
The poor boy, he has such bad taste... If only my sister could have taught him about good cuisine...
Peter, you're up! Arthur has been so worried about you!
He's not here at the moment, though...
We've just received data about the magic circle found in the ruins of Regeec.
Too bad we can't show such an interesting technique to Arthur...
There's talk of war everywhere... I always knew it was impossible to make peace with Ära.
What if there's a war? Will we have to join the Magic Army?
Those who were both in the Magic Army and in the Research Institute have already been summoned by the Army.
If we must fight for our lives, we need to hurry up and make weapons. They need to be as powerful as possible.
Will we really be able to do anything in three days?
You shouldn't walk around too much. The whole castle is in turmoil right now.
This is the throne room. Outsiders are forbidden from entering.
C'mon, man, why can't you let us in? You always did before.
You were always accompanied by the Head Wizard before. Without him, I cannot let you in.
Well, can you let Peter in, then? He's the User of the Green Jewel. He's under the control of the kingdom, so surely he isn't an outsider?
That's right! Pete even brought the Jewel with him!
A child User can only use his authority as the User if accompanied by his legal guardian.
His legal guardian is the Head Wizard. Therefore, I cannot let him in by himself.
Damn it! I really thought that was going to work...
Just give up and go back to the Institute. Elgnand is being subjected to more and more pressure and criticism now.
Huh, why is that?
Don't you know that the people who attacked the envoy were magic users? There are rumors that they were Elgnandians.
If you keep wandering around the castle as if you own the place, you'll only make people more suspicious.
No way! Elgnand wouldn't get anything out of it!
It's just rumors, but that's enough to worry the people in the castle. They won't rest unless they have someone to blame.
All the councilors are assembled in the Council Hall. You'd better leave before anyone shows up.
Stop loitering around the castle.
I told you it was impossible. Let's just go back to the Institute.
I didn't expect it to go like that...
What is it?
Why don't we take a peek into the Council Hall? The guard isn't there!
What?! No way! Didn't that guard just tell you not to walk around in the castle as if you own the place?!
What if you're caught?!
We can think about that if and when we're caught! Come on, let's go!
What does he want to do? Pete is worried...
Aha, there they are!
America, no! If we're caught...
What are they saying?
I can see them through this crack! ... They're really agitated.
Even you, Peter?!
Don't you want to take a look, Matthew? Aren't you curious at all?
I am, but...
This concerns the whole kingdom! You can take a look, too, Matthew!
*sigh* ... Just a little peek, okay?
(Let's see, where is this going?)
(What's going to happen?)
We must fight the Empire of Ära! They're provoking us! We can't let them do as they please!
We have dismantled and analyzed the gun that the King gave us and found that we, too, can manufacture them.
We are preparing to mass-produce them. With guns, we can fight the Empire on equal terms!
Preparing? You've only made one gun without the King's help! We need them immediately for battle!
Zeldwintsar has been growing weaker since the arrival of the monsters. They won't be able to restrain an Äran Army that is thirsty for revenge!
Why not release Lord Arthur and let the Magic Army help? The Äran army hasn't started employing magic in combat. That could work to our advantage...
We can't trust magic users! There's still the possibility that this whole affair was Elgnand's doing!
You call yourself a councilor and yet you believe in such baseless rumors?! Have you no shame?!
Wh-why, you! How dare you insult me!
I didn't think I would need to intervene as the Chairman of the Council, but unfortunately, we don't have much time.
(That old geezer is the Chairman, too?)
Is this how the so-called brains of the kingdom are supposed to behave? We all know what the most efficient answer is, don't we? Why does nobody say it?
If none of you can say it, I will. If we can't avoid a war any longer, there is only one answer. We'll have to hand over a member of the royal family.
Mr. Chairman! We are holding this meeting precisely to avoid that!
Exactly! We are going to try fighting so that none of you will be lost! And...
That's a ridiculous idea. The people don't exist for the royal family's sake. The royal family exists for the people's sake.
By sacrificing the people to save our own lives, we would be denying the reason of our existence. You would do well to remember that.
I'm not saying we should hand over the King. There are four more members of the royal family who carry the Bonnefoy name.
Me, Charles, and his children. Charles' wife and others aren't related to the family by blood, so they don't count.
You may begin the discussion now. No matter whom you choose, we'll accept it as our mission.
(Man, this is getting pretty serious... That old geezer has more guts than I gave him credit for.)
(Will the meeting continue in this direction?)
Th-the King! Let's hear the King's opinion!
R-right! We can't make that kind of decision! You are the ones who must decide your own fates!
Yes, exactly! Let's hear the King!
Hear the King!
... Cowards...
Fine. If over one third of the councilors agree, we will turn to the King. Summon him here.
(Oh! An unexpected turn of events!)
(There he is... So, what's it going to be, Francis?)
If you summoned me, that must mean you haven't reached a decision.
It is truly deplorable...
We could not decide if we should go to war or send someone to Ära.
Please, Your Majesty, tell us what you think.
Give me one night to think about it.
B-but, Your Majesty! We're running out of time!
I'll definitely have made a decision by tomorrow. Until then, I want you to wait.
All right, let's close this meeting now! You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow!
Yes, Your Majesty...
The King has spoken. Today's meeting is closed.
(Good thinking there, Francis. You sure assuaged them. But can you really make a decision by tomorrow?)
(Francis... what are you going to do?)
Hey, you! What are you doing there?!