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Hi Vlad!
Hello Nikolay!
All we know that you are caster in Dota 2,
also we know that you have your team which you are managing
Tell us please
are those bouth employments interfere each other
or there's something useful that can help you in your work?
Do you mean team "Next Kz"?
Truly, I was helping guys for a long time,
when they had a sponsor and when they hadn't...
But just recently we decided to say bye because of
as you said this is really hard to do two employments at the same time
But the most important prloblem were our different views on Dota2
For example I have tired of HON,
i was interested in their promotion in Dota2.
Have they chosen HON?
I don't know what they have in mind
that's the problem
But if you have any question I can answer it
but as a former manager of "Next Kz"
And for now I'm worker of Star Ladder.
I have information that you were a manager of women's team in 2010.
Yes, I were.
Recently there was the women's tournament in starladder
What is your opinion about women's Dota?
Should we divide conception of Dota between males and females?
Certainly!I want to say that it was a good experience for me
I've understood a lot of things about women's team
I even felt myself like girls' sixth girlfriend
Now there is a big separation between men's and women's Dota
Women's dota is in embryo stage now
I hope we'll give a push for women's dota in starladder because it's not bad at all
A lot of people say that girls are much weaker than guys
but difference is not as big as in swimming, running or any other sport.
Anyway I think that this is the right direction and we need to develop it.
And what if we try to mix girls with guys?
It's possible, i can tell you about BFB
which included a couple of danish guys
Merlini I think, and girls, can't remember, maybe Sayuri
Another question is what sense in it?
It can be possible in amateur format,
but there's no need in it in professional level...
Better will be only guys or girls without any mix.
We've remembered HON, and what about Leage of Legends
have you tried to play in it?
Yes, of course I tried to play LOL
but it was about five games and I've played in it
because of my friend formerly known player of warcraft
When we were having fun together we also played in LOL.
But I haven't had any interest in this game
My heart belongs to Dota and i can't see any rivalry from HON
And i think that LOL and Dota are very different things
Now all this games are equally popular
and what will be later we will see after release of Dota 2.
As I know you've played warcraft in semi-professional level
But this game began to fade away
and in ESWC it was replaced by Starcraft.
Yes, yes, yes...
I can see you prepared well for the interview
I can say that it wasn't semi-professional level
a little bit easier maybe
But exactly from warcraft i've begun to love eSports
From warcraft i've begun my organizational activity
i even was a manager of first ukrainian team Kerch Net of warcraft
and we even won first and last national cup by beating team C-club
it was a good time...
And have you played Starcraft?
Yes, i've played Starcraft
the same way as in LOL i think
I have no claims to Starcraft this is really great game
I've already played in dota at that time
My Starcraft was limited
all i could do was playing for Toss
I also liked River Drop
And when starcraft2 appeared
I was very upset that River Drop was removed
and I began to forget about this game.
About ESWC, besides obvious favourites
there are such teams which are obvious outsiders
like BaraNet Gaming and SCUTA.
Are we talking about ESWC Dota 2 which will start soon?
And, what kind of question?
How do you think is there any chance for them to win?
They've passed qualification
but also they are going to face real grandee of dota.
I've just had a talk with english doer of dota and we agreed
that this ESWC, unfortunately, will be boring
You'll ask me why?
Because of update of final structure we will see only six teams
There will not be MUFC from Malaysia, no teams from China...
As a result we will watch Dignitas
I haven't seen them in lan yet
maybe all world haven't seen them too
And of course we will watch for recognized favourite Na'Vi
And the question of this tournament is will there be
enough motivation in Na'Vi to defend title
But at the same time PotmBottom's guys are strong enough too
Returning to your question I should say
that ESWC is a commercial tournament
and any country for example Macedonia
any rich moneybags under the terms of rider
can buy license to his country and became a unique person
which has the right to host national qualifying competition
but there is no benefit in it
But there are maecenas which have spare cash to buy license
to hold qualifying championship, to bring team on ESWC
and this is very good
And about chances. I think that teams don't have much chances,
but everything is possible.
I think all of us will be very happy
if anyone of those nonames show good games in ESWC
understand their power and play well next time too
But i have big doubt about it.
And will you watch for any other disciplines in ESWC?
I'm interested in CSGO
I'm very far from this game
I've played only in beta version
and I didn't buy it after release...
This is undoubtedly very good game from Valve
and I'm very interested how it will growth in eSports
There are a lot of rumors about CSGO something is true something is wrong
But Valve has enough experience to promote games
and they will try to do something big and popular from CSGO
And I will watch for the fate of this game.
Let's return to our dear Kiev Starladder
From season to season Starladder gets better and even added new disciplines
Do you have any problems with this?
For example many teams play at the same time
so you should work until late night.
Do you mean finals?
Hmm...What can i say?
I think yes this is only one bad thing in starladder's finals
Because as many disciplines we promote
as many capabilities we have in our project
for other disciplines
So we certainly need it
There is pecentage of people
wich come to starladder for four days to watch Dota
and they are very upset because
there is not only dota
Guys you should uderstand that all games have fan communities
so we need to pay attention to all disciplines
so you need to get accustomed to this
Because in any big tournament is impossible
to give people only things which they are interested in
As for me I'm interested in absolutely all disciplines of Starladder
There are streams that i watch or not
but even communion from community
between WoT and Point Blank is interesting
it's connecting people
And straight answer to your question
isn'it bother me that something ends late at night?
We are working on it
but as for me it's not disturbing me
because I'm a big fan of Lan tournaments,
I love to talk with people
whom you see once in two months
So i don't care about it
I can do it at least twenty-four hours
What do you think about future of StarLadder?
For example Starladder's season 6
I've joined Starladder just recently
for now I don't affect on anything
besides i'm not even know any details of it.
But I can say that Starladder will develop as possible
First of all through marketing possibilities, sponsors etc
And of course our first mission
is that product that we give from year to year
become better and better
There is a dream that is in mind
of our chiefs to host something unreal
something bigger that usual Starladder
But i don't know in which season it will be
and would it ever be at all
I think it will be perfect.
And there is question about you as caster
All of us got accustomed that you in your streams give us statistics
and when somebody want to know something about team
Matrix appears and tell us about it
How it happened that this role became yours?
Yes a lot of people think that i'm statistician
Let me tell about our cooperation
Everyone tries to come up with something new
sometimes this new things mixed,
sometimes someone steal something...
Not just me with Casper are stealing something from V1lat,
sometimes V1lat borrows some cool things.
But in fact we are colleagues
and we try to complement each other.
One time i tried to take on emotions,
but it turned out a little bit worse than my colleagues.
In recent times i can't find my format,
i try to do experiments,
try to make something diverse
and not stick to one thing.
And statistics is maybe my certain passion
i love any exact facts.
I think this thing is interesting to the listeners that i have.
I have question about Staff cup.
Do you like the idea,
and are you planning to make
something like this in Starladder?
We are not planning to hold something
like that in starladder,
it's not difficult,
simply we don't need this right now.
As for the Staff Cup it was organized by the Germans,
thank them for it.
It was great,
I think many of spectators
who thought that someone fundamentally doesn't
communicate with others at last noticed
that all of us generally are colleagues
so there's no need to invent things that didn't happen.
Generally we liked it,
maybe we were more nervous than usual.
Someone accuses us for bad expression.
There were a little quarrel
but it was a good experience which I liked,
and I hope not only me.
I don't know when we will do it again
and will it even be at all,
and that's the essence of it
because it was unique.
And the last question.
Where is mascot and shout of starladder "This is Knife"?
Where have it gone? Hmm...
I don't know
maybe it has outlived itself
"Contact in the house, reloaded shotgun and
maybe someday we will revive it,
maybe there will be something new.
We can't to use the same thing shout or talisman forever,
but believe me this shout yet is in our hearts so
This is Knife!
Thank you for the interview.
Is there any wishes for spectators?
Wishes? I don't know...
Maybe as always i will say hi to my haters,
you are making me stronger
and this day will soon come
and i'll become very good.
I wish good luck to you all.
Good luck for people that constructively criticizes me,
to people in fully inadequate,
and for those who too flatering me.
Nevertheless see us,
we will try to become better.
I speak on behalf of casters of Starladder.
In fourth season we will try to come up with something new.
Good bye and peace to you!