Steve Jobs's fatal error

Uploaded by samsarahsd on 27.05.2010

Now we're going to start
with a revolutionary User Interface
It's the result of years of research and development.
and of course it's an interplay of hardware and software.
Why do we need a revolutionary user interface? I mean
Here is four smartphones, right? The Motorola Q, The Blackberry,
The Palm Treo, Nokia E62, the usual suspects.
And what's wrong with their user interfaces? Well the problem with them
is really sort of in the bottom forty there.
It's this stuff right here.
They all have these keyboards whether you need them or not to be there.

They all have these control buttons that are fixed in plastic
and are the same for every application! Every application want a slightly
different User Interface a slightly optimized set a buttons just for it.
And what happens if you think of a great idea six months from now?
You can't run around and ad a button to these things, there are already shipped.
So what do you do?
It doesn't work because the buttons and the controls can't change!
They can't change for each application, they can't change down the road
if you think of another great idea you want to add to this product.

Well how do you solve this?
It turns out that we have solved it, We solve it in computers 20 years ago !
We solve it with a bitmap screen!
That can displayed anything we want. Put any user interface up
And a pointing device. We solve it, with the mouse !
We solve this problem ! So how we gonna take this to a mobile device? take this to a mobile device
What we're going to do is get rid of all these buttons!
and just make a giant screen!
A giant screen!