Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustment : Chiropractic Adjustment Example

Uploaded by expertvillage on 03.02.2008

Hi. I'm Dr. Filardo and I'm a doctor of chiropractic, and we are here today on behalf of Expert
Village. This next segment is an actual demonstration of manipulation. This is called "diversified
technique." This is out of National College in Chicago, and very, very gently we'll just
do some compressions. The whole idea of manipulation is to reduce spinal nerve stress. The way
that you do that is elongate the spine, because everything we do when the patients leave the
office compresses the spine. So, we want to do everything that goes in this direction.
So, when you happen to push on the curve of the thoracic spine, it will elongate the spine.
So, we just very gently just kind of put a little bit of pressure; that's it. That's
all it takes; and you hear that cavitation; that carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas release.
There's no cracking of any bones going on, it's just purely elongating, releasing gas.
The way God designed the body with gas so that lubrication can get in there. So, we've
revitalized that disc in that area and brought some blood flow to it, as well as elongated
these muscles to reduce muscle spasm. Then, what we do is something called the Colaser,
which is an FDA approved Colaser that Lance Armstrong and a group of physicians had designed.
And we'll put different settings in there for muscle spasms. So, we'll just kind of
go over this area, like this. This Colaser does many things, but we have this setting
in there for muscle spasms. So, we'll just kind of go right in there, the area that we
are working on. We might turn the laser in this direction too, drawing it to me. We are
stimulating the body's life force which is the spinal cord and all the nerves going to
the organs and reducing muscle tension. Great, Anya, how are you doing? Well, that completes
our demonstration of a manipulation.