How To Block Someone On Facebook 2013 | How To Block People On Facebook

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How to block someone on facebook.
If you want to block someone on facebook, this can be done very simply by following these quick
The first step is
find which user you want to block,
click their name.
and then you're going to
find this little gearbox,
click on that.
Down here you'll see "Report/Block"
so click on that to Block.
In here you're going to click
Block the person's name.
And click Confirm.
Let it load.
The person
is now blocked!
Now the second way
is by clicking on
this little gearbox up here, and going to privacy settings.
On the left hand side,
where you see "Blocking" click on that.
In here you're just going to
type in
the person's name
that you'd like to block - their full name,
and once you're ready click on "Block."
and find the person you'd like to block.
They have a full list of names here of people with the same name.
Once you've found that person, just click on Block.
And that person is now blocked as well.
So those are the 2 ways to block someone on facebook. Thanks for watching, if this helped you please give it a LIKE or let me know by COMMENTING
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