Dog Training Tips : Keeping Dogs Out Of The Trash

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.10.2008

So, this is the trash can. This is my kitchen, of which you can see the checkered floors.
The trick is Possum every now and then will get into the trash. I don't know quite how
to stop her from doing that because she doesn't when I'm not here. When I come home she always
appears very guilty. I feel terrible about it, but I have to spank her butt a little
bit. Never be afraid to spank your dog's butt a little bit, because it's not like a human.
They're not going to hold a regret or resent you later in life because of it. This is just
a dog or just a cat or whatever. In this case, I have ignorantly put the dog food next to
the trash can. That's going to teach the dog is a source of food. They're going to see
you taking food out and putting it in their bowl. Another thing. That's a no no. Don't
put their dog food next to any kind of trash cans. They just get used to and they're going
to want to eat it. In this case, I feed Possum twice a day, one cup a day for a large to
medium size breed of Science Diet. Whatever kind of dog food you're feeding your dog,
always do it the same kind of day everyday, always the same food. Their stomachs are very
adept at the same kind of food over and over. If you keep changing their food, then it's
going to mess them all up. Don't ask me why, but talk to your vet; they'll agree with me.
I usually take just like a handful so I can feel exactly how much she wants. I feed her
a little bit more than that. That's about a cup. It's right next to her water. Put this
is up and we will be moving this from the trash can. Let's see if Possum will get into
the trash. Possum come. What's this? What's in here? Come on, what's in here? You know
it's bad girl. You know it's bad girl to get in there don't you? Come on, what's in here?
What's in here? See now, watch this. Let's see if she'll get into the closet here. Possum,
what's in here? What's in here? Good girl. What's in here. See, she'll get in here. She'll
look all the way inside here. Come on. What's in there? Now, watch this. Let's see if she'll
get into the trash can. Possum come. Come here, what's in here? She won't even get near
it. Possum, come, what's in here? What's in here? Oh, you bad girl, you bad girl. You
shouldn't do it, you shouldn't do it. She's going to eat her meal. She shouldn't be eating
right now, but she's being a good girl for the show so I'll let her have a little nibble.
That's enough of that Ms. Possum. That's the trash trick. Spank their butts when they get
into the trash, a little bit. Never too much, because then you go prison.