"Britains Got Talent" Brazil - QST? Igor Rocha, malabares com cristais

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Good night
Good night
Who are you?
I am Igor Belo Horizonte
What will you present to us?
I will present a performance with acrylic beads
You live it?
Live, practice the six years
So then I developed, introducing myself, traveling, working on the street with hat
In pursuit of that dream?
Not live this truth is not a job, my life is really, think about it all the time.
And for six years I have this in my life and I want to improve the limits
So let's see if you've learned
I can definitely answer the question that made you think and what you learned but
Want to say, Miranda do not you think he learned?
old, won trickster
My opinion is that your number
He has a very nice plastic on TV
More than for us here then why my vote is green.
Igor, you really need that people have an exceptional job here to go to semifinal
And I think you are fully qualified
Your talent is golden
You can go out, palms facing it, thanks