ReInvent Your Life

Uploaded by vemma on 23.08.2011

When you go to bed at night and your head hits the pillow,
do you worry?
Are you concerned about your health or what would happen if you got sick?
Have you ever heard the number-one reason for personal bankruptcy
is an illness?
Do you think about the bills you need to pay,
or do you wonder how secure your job is?
You see, over just the past few years, times have changed dramatically,
and the American Dream seems to be slipping further away
as people struggle for financial stability,
vibrant health, and peace of mind.
But times like this also offer great opportunities.
Hi, I'm BK Boreyko.
A few years ago, I embarked on a mission
to help people live better
and to create a formula and an opportunity
that would help people improve their physical health
and their financial outlook --
a plan to literally reinvent your life.
And with the help of some great people,
what we've created
may just be the answer you've been searching for.
Everybody needs this product.
I think it's something for everybody.
I don't want anyone to come back at me in the future
and be like, "Why didn't you tell me about it?"
Your body's 63 trillion cells are constantly fighting
the effects of unstable molecules called free radicals.
They're brought on by the stress you're under,
the foods you eat, the water you drink,
even the air you breathe.
These free radicals can damage your cells,
increasing the chances for disease and speeding up the aging process.
And if you're like most people,
you don't get enough antioxidants to help your body combat them.
Even worse, you and your family could be losing this battle.
To protect your family
from these modern-day health threats,
everyone needs to supplement with vitamins and minerals.
There is an answer.
It's the Vemma Nutrition Program.
Vemma stands for Vitamins,
Essential Minerals,
Mangosteen, and Aloe.
And it's a complete liquid nutritional foundation
rooted in the Southeast Asian superfruit called the mangosteen.
Just how popular is this superfruit?
Dr. Oz recently named it as one of the top five superfoods
you need to be eating right now.
This antioxidant-rich formula,
this one-a-day liquid supplement contains 12 full-spectrum vitamins,
more than 65 major, trace, and ultra-trace
plant-sourced minerals
along with the powerful legendary properties
of aloe vera and green tea.
You know, Vemma is quite possibly
the world's most powerful liquid antioxidant.
Kids, adults, seniors -- anyone can use this product.
It's simple, it's easy, and it's complete.
Being a professional football player,
you're very active, you're very busy, you have a tight schedule.
So it's easy to take, you know,
a V2 shot of Vemma and taking it and go on the road.
I mean, pack 10 or 15 of them if you want.
If you're busy, you just pull one out of the suitcase, and it's one shot,
and you get everything you need in one daily supplement,
and you can go on about your day.
And with a simple 2-ounce vitamin shot
or 8-ounce energy drink,
who would have ever thought
that you would be giving your body complete nutrition?
After I train and after a race,
it's really important within the first 15 to 30 minutes
to put the right nutrition into your body.
You have your supplementation
that you can just throw in your gym bag,
whether it's your purse, keep it in your car.
The taste is out of this world.
You know, whether you're 2 or 102,
when you drink Vemma, Verve, Next, or Thirst,
it's really a clever way
to get the critical nutrients your family needs every day.
We like to think of it as nutrition for a lifetime.
You know, they're getting the fast foods,
and they're just not getting their nutritional needs,
not even coming close,
and it really makes a difference,
you know, if you can take your Vemma, get your 2 ounces in,
and have all of your nutritional needs met.
I see it very reassuring
to know that our bodies are getting the proper nutrition.
I have a two-year-old daughter, and she takes Vemma every day.
She asks for it....
Every morning when she wakes up, she asks,
"Daddy, daddy, I want my Mena."
Think about this -- no more choking down pills or tablets.
You know, try it for yourself,
and you'll fall in love with the way you feel.
I guarantee it with an empty-bottle,
money-back, no-questions-asked,
30-day guarantee.
There's no doubt that the Vemma formula is for everyone.
In fact, Men's Journal Magazine recently named Vemma
the best overall super juice,
placing it firmly as a person's only choice
when it comes to selecting the best,
most potent super juice available.
And Ms. Fitness Magazine
named Verve "Product of the Year."
But it's more than just this phenomenal,
clinically studied formula
designed to improve your physical health.
It's also an opportunity to improve your financial future.
Anyone that's concerned about their health
or where the economy is right now,
they've got to take a look at this opportunity.
I think with Vemma, it really is the perfect storm
where you've got a long-term opportunity,
but you've still got the sizzle and the excitement of a new start-up.
This opportunity couldn't be any simpler.
You know, there's no employees, there's no overhead,
there's no stress about it.
It's just a matter of getting the product into people's hands.
Well, I don't know if the Vemma opportunity is your answer,
but it's quickly becoming the answer for tens of thousands of people
and thousands of families just like yours.
You see, as the owner,
I made the decision not to pay tens of millions of dollars
to those advertising agencies.
Instead, I take those same dollars to reward people
that fall in love with what this product can do
and just let others know about it.
You see, everyone agrees word-of-mouth advertising
is the best form.
I just pay you for it.
Well, you know, the Vemma product is easy to share --
Vemma, Verve, either one -- simply because today,
people have a desire to be well more than ever before.
Because I've had such huge results with the product myself,
it's so easy to share with the people that I love and care about.
I just hand them a V2, and they try it, and they love it.
It's simply an act of giving it to somebody who will check it out.
They drink it for a month, and then they're already referring people.
At Vemma, we care about families.
Helping people help people is at the core of our values.
And in times like these,
wouldn't you want to partner with a company
that puts people before profits?
People want to be with a positive group of people,
with a company that's got a great message.
And we're out there to rescue them.
It's a noble purpose to help people change their lives
healthwise and financially.
So we love what we do, we have a passion for what we do.
It's changed everything.
His commitment today to the newest member,
to wanting to provide an opportunity
that really gives not only a new member
the hope of changing the condition financially,
but giving them control,
giving them the control of how to be able to do that.
That's a company with heart.
At Vemma, we're all about helping people create peace of mind,
both physically and financially,
giving people what they want --
less to worry about in life and more to celebrate.
So is Vemma your answer?
You tell me.
Do you want the security of owning your own business
and to stop letting others tell you what you're worth?
Are you looking for worry-free financial freedom?
Are you ready to become a brand partner with Vemma?
If you think you deserve a shot at success,
team up with us,
tap into our expertise.
You see, Vemma will become a billion-dollar brand
over the next few years.
And right now, you have an opportunity
to become a brand partner with us,
a brand ambassador
for the next great massively consumable product line.
So, I'm excited about what's going to happen in the next couple of years
as we take this brand from a few million a month
to a hundred million a month.
Momentum -- that's where the money's made,
that's where we are right now with Verve and Vemma.
Our infrastructure and brand building will give you the opportunity
to create your own home-based business
you can run from your computer anywhere in the world.
The Vemma home-office team makes my life so much easier.
You know, from the customer support on the phone, to the shipping....
It's phenomenal.
And in times like these,
we've all seen the idea of corporate job security vanish,
so you maybe ask,
"Where does a person turn now if they can't count on a job?"
Well, the answer is you need to start counting on yourself.
You need to team up with us and create your own business
and take advantage of an opportunity to create true financial freedom.
And we're gonna help you every step of the way
with our proven 8-action-step plan
that teaches you every aspect
of becoming successful with Vemma.
And your momentum really comes
from people knowing exactly what their first action step is.
So the simplicity launched the program faster
than what we could keep up with
because everyone knew exactly what to do first.
And, you know, other companies right now may be in crisis mode,
but the timing and the opportunity for Vemma is incredible.
You see, we're a solid company you can count on
to make you look great in business,
and we're poised for massive growth just over the next few years.
All you need to do is take that first step
and decide how much product you want to start with
and place an order.
There's no sign-up fees,
there's no long-term commitments,
just an amazing opportunity
for you to build something you and your family can be proud of.
And when you invest in yourself,
I'll also invest in you
by providing you with an impressive marketing website
fully integrated with both Facebook and Twitter,
that will help you tell the story
and handle a ton of details for you.
Well, that's it.
That's our story,
and it'll only get better once you become a part of it.
If what you've seen feels right to you,
team up with the person that introduced you to Vemma,
and let's get to work.