Turkey's Changemakers - Fark Yaratanlar - Bedriye Hülya (S04- E05)

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Along with the first rays of the rising sun, a new day starts in Corum, a city in the central Anatolia.
While the freshly baked simits (traditional bread rings), are waiting for the customers in the bakery,
many entrepreneur women are getting ready to start working.
Banu Yorar is a woman entrepreneur who is 23 years old.
Having graduated from the university, instead of doing what was expected of her,
she moved her life in a different direction which is entrepreneurship.
- Before I started to work here I was working as a receptionist in a hotel.
Then as I wanted to do my own job
I made some research and found b-fit.
B-fit brought a lot of changes in my life.
First of all I have become more self-confident.
Secondly, I have realized that I have the ability to do something.
3 years ago I was planning to get married to the right person, to have children and to live happily ever after.
But I never included working in my plans.
Now, I have a good job.
I want to improve myself, open the second branch and take my career to the next level.
B-fit is a sports center chain
which offers working and exercising opportunities only to women.
These centers also support women in their social lives.
Today 216 women from different cities of Turkey, from Istanbul to Sirnak, are working as b-fit entrepreneurs.
All of the women working or doing sports in b-fit centers have taken a different step in their lives.
The Turkish changemaker, who initiated this initiative
aiming at supporting women in every aspect, is Bedriye Hülya.
- A woman who wants to be a b-fit entrepreneur applies to us.
After some research, we set off. What does set off mean?
That means we support that woman as much as we can in order to help her set up her own business.
Women become more powerful thanks to b-fit.
First of all, we give them the chance of being an entrepreneur and support
them to set up their own business with the method of positive discrimination.
Apart from that, only women are accepted to these centers where they feel relaxed and more independent
while exercising and they don't need to get permission from their husbands, fathers or sons.
Doing exercises is an important tool itself.
Here, a woman not only meets her own body but also explores her personality.
Then, she chooses to do something for herself and a woman who exercises
regularly has a different state of mind than the one who doesn't.
Moreover, only women can do the exercises in b-fit centers.
We can say that it is a kind of positive discrimination.
B-fits are not only sport centers, though. They are also the clubs aimed at women.
The women participate in various activities as well as doing exercises here.
For example, each b-fit center has to organize an activity. What kind of activities? 41 00:03:38,900 --> 00:03:47,550 We are talking about the ones that can increase the quality of their lives, give them a different outlook on life and affect their lives positively.
They can be organizing a seminar, going to the opera, theatre or having breakfast or dinner together.
Bedriye Hulya led the way and
hundreds of women throughout Turkey set off to be the owners of their lives.
As an entrepreneur she made a big difference by adding sports in the lives of women living in different
regions where even the word "sport" cannot be used in a sentence made by women.