Managing Spaces: AutoCAD Architecture 2013

Uploaded by Autodesk on 27.03.2012

AutoCAD Architecture's space planning tools automate the calculation of room square footage
for scheduling purposes.
Since AutoCAD Architecture automatically detects boundaries, based on schematic linework or
actual walls, you no longer have to manually define room areas.
And if you're looking for an extra productivity boost to get your job done as quickly and
efficiently as possible, AutoCAD Architecture gives you the ability to populate an entire
floor plan with spaces, complete with room tags in a single click.
Creating a color fill plan, complete with legends, couldn't be easier with AutoCAD Architecture.
Once your floor plan has been populated with space information, simply take advantage of
pre-defined display themes to create color fills that report space type or square footage.
And since display themes always reflect the current state of your design, making a modification
such as the widening of a room, will automatically update the color fill plan.