Diablo 3 LETS PLAY BARBAR /// Akt 4 Equipment und worauf es ankommt

Uploaded by BullitNumber99 on 02.07.2012

Welcome. Today I'm gonna present you my barbarian
because many people wonder how it's possible
that I kill The Butcher in under 10 seconds
or why I'm able to beat Inferno.
I struggled for 2 weeks with Act I,
farming like an idiot and not progressing at all.
Probably because I didn't know the value of items
you can vendor in the AH.
Mostly I wanted too much, sometimes my prices were too low
That obviously was a serious problem,
but I also used the wrong gear.
and now, I want to show you what to use,
if you want to play Inferno successfully.
Even past Act I.
So let's see what I've got!
I deal about 35500 dps, unbuffed.
but I gotta say that I'm not properly skilled at the moment.
So, we'll just start with the build!
Tough as Nails: Armor increased by 25%
That's a must-have.
Superstition: The same, definite must-have!
Ruthless: I take it because it really increases my dps.
But it's not necessary.
Now, my damage is at 31500. That's enoguh!
And I also got some nice armor.
Our shout absolutely must be War Cry with Impunity,
because resistances are damn important.
Firstly I underestimated them and thought that
it simply cant be all about resistances.
Now the shout is active and as you see: 11000 armor
That's 80% damage reduction! Plus, physical resistance,
again 80% damage reduction.
Being a barbarian adds another 30% damage reduction.
As you see, I won't get much damage anymore
Multiply these numbers, give it a try
Unimportant how much damage is dealt,
I won't be harmed that much.
Plus resistances which reduce damage by 80%.
That should pretty much guarantee that I'll survive.
But not, if I forget to use Revenge
which is the ultimate, essential skill.
Without it, you won't get happy with your barbarian
because it can heal you for a very high amount of HP.
If you're lucky, it'll even trigger more than once per second.
It may happen that you activate it thrice while spamming
and you're like [swirling sound], all your HP are filled
and then all your enemies are dead.
It's a very helpful skill.
The Leap with Iron Impact isn't any less important
because that's 300% armor, so let's just use it.
In plain language: 30000 armor !
With the shout it's even more.
Yeah, for a short time I'm invulnerable for everything
but arcane orbs or such things.
But you know: That's heavy damage. So I just have to
pay attention that I'm not hit by fire balls
or other champion abilities.
This will guarantee that I can survive and deal proper damage.
Well, let's see the next issue.
I'm not the badass tank, I've only got 42500 HP
But that's enough for every challenge because
I've got Wrath of the Berserker and Earthquake.
If I use both ot them, I'll deal loads of damage.
Champions with 3m HP are dead in about 5 seconds
Not only one, but the whole group.
Oh, I see there's something wrong, don't wanna irritate you
Personally, I think Frenzy's bullshit
I prefer cleave because mostly, you can hit
all three champions with one hit,
dealing 150% of your weapon's dps.
That's damn nice and Frenzy simply can't do that.
Plus, I already had a tendinitis and would like to avoid that.
Now let's take a look at my gear.
Wasn't cheap at all, but you can get similar things for
I'd say for some 20 m if you search a bit.
That's what you should be willing to pay if you want to
progress any further than Act I.
Keep in mind that Inferno is for elite gamers
who wanna prove something to themselves or even the world.
who really have some skill. That's nothing for the ordinary.
Believing to easily beat Inferno is insane, because this difficulty
is just fucking hard.
We'll begin with the helm which is one of my worst pieces
because he's got nothing else than 52 resistances and 130 str
the additional 6% on my life aren't that important.
50 dexterity isn't important either.
Well, armor value is OK, but there definitely are better ones.
There might even be some for 5m if you're lucky.
Shoulders aren't the best as well, but they suffice.
64 resistances, 66 vitality,
137 strength and more than 500 armor.
That's pretty nice. So let's see my amulet.
That's a very good piece since I can use all of it's bonuses
and the stas are relatively high as well.
I've got 160 strength, 100 vitality, 6% ias
I've got some crit dmg which is very important since the last patch,
because it adds alot of damage. Plus the heal orbs!
One often underestimates'em, but when you can't drink or
use revenge, heal orbs'll save your ass.
Critical hits will even make it likelier to drop some.
You absolutely must not ignore this bonus.
The chest armor, well not that nice, I'd like to improve it.
Sadly, I can't afford it at the moment, because 240 vitality
and 54 resitances with 540 armor is very expensive
If you want to add another 100 strength, that would easily
cost you way more than 10m
At least haven't I found anything cheaper and I often take a look at the auctions.
The bracers have the same bonuses as you might already know,
strength, vitality and resitances, not the ultimate gear, but OK.
They do work, that's it.
Gloves, the same: 100 strength, 50 res and 7% ias
would be amazing if there was some crit chance or damage.
or maybe 200 strength instead of 100, then they'd just be badass.
Well, 200 life per second alone aren't that much, but
all parts together give me 700 life per second.
With that value you might ignore life on hit
It's pretty nice, too and it's found on many parts.
The belt is very nice because of it's values.
Definitely could be better, but 140 strength, 160 vitality,
60 resistances is top
I like it and am not disappointed by it.
The rings should gain you damage and resistances.
There many people only tanking and searching solely for vitality,
But I suggest that you better look for both and then add some res
also add 75 strength, but they were fucking expensive.
My two rings are very similar to each other, these here
also add 75 strength, but they were fucking expensive.
Now the pants. 140 vitality, 60 resistances
Really needs to be improved, but 650 armor are nice
and armor is more valuable than you might believe
Nothing amazing, but still useful.
Boots again: strength, vitality, 70 resistances
Obviously not the best available, but the right basics,
as you easily can see.
Then there's the shield which was pretty expensive, too.
many people are like,
But those can't even beat Act I and I don't needa listen to'em.
200 strength, nearly 100 vitality is super and 65 res: just top.
With the regeneration that's just wicked.
So, my last piece, my precious, my weapon :
It cost me 50 m, but it's one hell of a weapon.
Before this, I hade a two-handed sword with 1400 damage,
but it didn't get me through Act III
So I took this. With it's 240 strength I deal brute damage,
which makes many DH and WD look like little sissys
who are pissed off that I deal the same damage they do,
without being one-hit.
I gotta say, these 31000 dps look hillarious,
but once I use my skills, I easily deal 500000 dps,
no matter what I'm facing. Not the whole time, but 20 sec
are enough to kill whatever crosses my way.
Well not a Demonic Tremor champion, but that's something
no one easily kills without effort.
Especially not a DH, because those mobs can rush too fast,
killing the DH with one hit, even if his name's Athene.
I hope this helped you, I'd really enjoy some inspiration.
Maybe a comment from a totally elsewise skilled barbarian,
who succed as I do or even more.
Would be a pleasure to see.
If you need help, just add me: Bullit#2934 Have a nice day & good loot.