Master and Commander (3/11) Movie CLIP - Man Overboard (2003) HD

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Man overboard!
- Hands to the taffrail! - [ yelling, shouting ]
[ yelling ]
- He's over there, sir! - Help!
Swim for the wreckage, man! Swim, man! Swim, will!
Over here!
Mr. Allen, gratings and barrels. Anything that floats, overboard.
[ bonden ] she's broaching! We're losing her!
Sir, the wreckage is acting as a sea anchor!
We must cut it loose! It's going to sink us!
[ nagle ] sir, he's going to make it! He can do it!
Come on, will! Swim!
Come on! Hand over hand!
For god's sakes, will, swim!
Swim for the wreckage, will!
[ panicked chattering ]
You can do it, will! Swim!
Come on, will! Swim!
[ shouting continues ]
[ panting, gasping ]
[ yelling ]