A beginner's introduction to wood finishing from Minwax

Uploaded by MinwaxUSA on 11.04.2011

Hi, I'm Bruce Johnson.
I've been working with wood for more than 30 years, first
as your typical do-it-yourself, then as a
full-time professional furniture
refinisher and wood worker.
More recently, I've been teaching people like yourself
what I've learned about working with wood through my
books, magazine articles, and television appearances.
And one of the things I've learned is that wood finishing
is fun and easy, regardless of whether you're getting ready
to tackle your first project or whether you're an
experienced wood worker.
Once you get a handle on the basics of wood finishing, the
scope of your projects is only going to be limited by your
Before long, you'll be working on unfinished furniture,
antiques, doors, trim, cabinets, perhaps even your
hardwood floors.
And by being able to choose your own stain and finish,
you're gonna be able to customize each piece so it
turns out exactly the way you imagined it would.
Now, when it comes to wood finishing, I rely on Minwax.
Minwax has been making stains and finishes for more than 100
years, and they offer a wide variety of products that will
make each project easy and will help you achieve
beautiful results.
Well, today, I'm in my workshop outside Asheville,
North Carolina, where I'm gonna take you through the
basic steps of wood finishing.
First we're gonna talk about how to
pick the proper workplace.
Then, we're gonna talk about proper preparation of your
wood before you apply a stain or finish.
We'll then go through how to pick a stain, how to pick a
finish, and the best way to apply each of them.
We'll then take a look at the one step stain and finish
And finally, I'll give you some tips on how to keep all
the wood in your home looking beautiful for years to come.
Well, that sounds like a lot of material to cover, so let's
get started.