The Festival Programmes | Festival 2012

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It's a big festival and the programmes are a way to get to know the different
films that you can find at the festival. They're arranged partly by
the style of filmmaking. Sometimes they're arranged also just by the
scale of the filmmaking.
The Masters Programme basically consists of the great great filmmakers
of cinema. These are the filmmakers that are really at the height of their
powers and some of the greatest filmmakers I think in the world.
It's a mix. A complete mix of the young curious audience. I think
there's obviously a lot of people of my age who have grown up with these
filmmakers who actually do want to see what their recent work is.
It's not perfection.
But it's as close to perfection you'll probably see in cinema.
TIFF Docs is a new name for a section that's been in the festival for a
number of years. The section used to be called Reel to Reel and this is the
place where we put documentaries. The suspense is real. The laughter is
real. The tears are real. And that gives documentaries an extra quality
that makes it a different cinema going experience.
Cinema is very often a reflection of what's happening socially in a country
and I think the Contemporary World Cinema offers that to audiences.
You could have comedies as well as political films within the programme
from thrillers to dramas so that's what makes it quite exciting.
City to City programme is a spotlight on a world city that's doing really
interesting work in cinema right now. We bring ten films from that city to
Toronto. With the City to City programme I think we often find people
who want to know what's going on in another part of the world. We find
cinephiles who are just interested in following a new development in world
cinema and also people sometimes from that place. They want to see something
of their own home country, their own home city.
And they come out to those films as a result.
Well for more than twenty years now, we've been presenting TIFF
Cinematheque Programme as a year-round programme and this is the first year
we're going to be bringing it to the festival. We present the best in
classic and contemporary world cinema and this year at the festival we're
going to be focusing on recent restorations of classic titles.
Many of the audiences are coming out to revisit films maybe that they've
grown up with and to see them again on the big screen.
But in a lot of cases we're always surprised to see that people are
coming out to see these films for the first time.
Future Projections is about a decade-old programme.
We take the idea of cinema, its history and culture to galleries
and museums all around the city. These are installations and performances.
I think there's probably an affinity for people who like the visual arts
who go gallery-hopping or go to museums on an ongoing basis.
These are really accessible pieces and often will reflect some of the best
known films of all time.
TIFF Kids is family films from around the world that are
entertaining and illuminating and speak to a wide range of audience
goers. TIFF Kids is really for audiences from 8 to 80.
There's something for everyone and I think for many families it's a great
entry point into the festival.
The Midnight Madness Programme should be self-explanatory. These are crazy
wild films which play at midnight. For every night of the film festival we
have some wild weird crazy film from around the world. The typical Midnight
Madness audience member is someone who enjoys film but enjoys the experience
of seeing films with an audience, but also
has an appreciation for world cinema.
What distinguishes the Mavericks Programme is there's always a live
guest and conversation happening. Over the years we've had Bill Gates.
We've had Bruce Springstein. The audiences who come to Mavericks are
people who want a one of a kind experience. You're getting to be in
the room with really some of the world's most fascinating people.
The Short Cuts Canada Programme is a showcase of this year's outstanding
films from Canadian filmmakers.
It's kind of the safe haven for Canadian film. We have for since the
beginning of the festival kept the shorts program as Canadian.
Any age, any background.. There's always something for someone
in our programs because we showcase a great selection of films in every
programme that we screen.
Special Presentations films are high profile premieres, often world
premieres of films from some of the major filmmakers from all over the
world. You can find anything from big Hollywood premieres there to some of
the major European or Asian or Latin American filmmakers.
High profile films with really big name filmmakers.
The Wavelength section at the festival is where we define experimental and
avant garde cinema. It's a forum for visual artists working in film and
video as well as the traditional experimental cinema but this year
we've extended it to incorporate feature-length films that are also
experimenting and we're including innovative documentaries as well.
It's a point of experimentation for the audience as well so for those who
only go to the cinema during the festival I think it's a really great
opportunity for them to try to find something new.
The Discovery Programme is a place where we show discoveries. These are
first time filmmakers who have made work of extraordinary quality. I like
to think everybody will go see films in that programme. However, I think
it's people who are curious. I think it's people who have a drive to
see new things and to understand what's going on in the world in
a very contemporary way.
The Vanguard Programme. Well, that's where you're going to find films that
are provocative, dangerous, edgy, and sexy. These are films which sometimes
crossover between genre and art house but are still sophisticated. These are
titles for an audience that's savvy to world cinema but also wants their
films to be challenging, dangerous and sometimes a little sexy.
The Galas are where you find the biggest red carpet stars
of the festival. It's where you'll find Brad Pitt and George Clooney
and Penelope Cruz and Shahrukh Khan and people like that. We love our fans
to come out and just really experience the excitement of having the biggest
stars in the world in Toronto.