Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2013

Uploaded by BenjaminMoorePaints on 27.09.2012

Thanks for joining me today. I'm Benjamin Moore Senior Interior Designer
Sonu Mathew and I'm here today to talk to you about color in 2013. We've been living
with deep and saturated colors and even some jewel tones in our homes. And now as we move
forward, we see this wonderful softening of the palette. We're calling it the emerging
So we'll start to see pastels in soft goods like furnishings and bedding. Even throw pillows,
art and accessories. And the question that we ask ourselves at Benjamin Moore is what
color surrounds everything and creates a beautiful backdrop for these lovely pastels.
In 2013 Benjamin Moore loves lemon sorbet. Not only does it sound delicious, it's gorgeous
on the walls. Lemon sorbet is the perfect palette cleanser to transition us from the
deep and saturated colors we've been living with into a lighter and brighter outlook.
Traditional design pairs beautifully with new and refreshed color combinations. So look
for colors like Peachy Keen and Antiguan Sky or Blue Ice to pair beautifully with Lemon
Sorbet and create a gorgeous palette for your home.
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