Youtube Trick #237: Remove Related Videos AFTER Your Video Ends

Uploaded by jameswedmore on 10.10.2011

Hey guys! James Wedmore here with a really quick yet really cool trick you can do with
YouTube and were gonna start out by a addressing the elephant in the room and the big problem
and the big complaint people have with YouTube is well i create this video someone watches
my video and then video ends you got this all this out there related videos that have
nothing to do with me ,my business in fact it could be my competitor there gonna go on
watch that video and never come back to you and the average person spending almost 20
minutes a day watching YouTube videos so last thing you wanna do is get them off of your
channel on your competitor or something its gonna destruct them right? so how do we solve
it well there’s two way the one there’s one way that most people know already its
if you gonna share your video or embed it on your blog you can remove this options says
shows suggested videos when the video finishes so you wanna make sure that if you gonna put
a video on your blog or embed it somewhere else that you unclick that option every one
argue knows that ok that’s no brainer what I wanna show you is something a little bit
more sneaky ok so where gonna do is I’m gonna actually go to my video this is one
of my video right here and will mute it to save them continue my voice twice is called
make videos online more engaging and what I do at the end of this video i have a call
to action and that’s let’s get reed of this call to action overlay this is my call
to action at the end of the video I just have my little video up here that they can click
on and go to my next video that’s all i wanted them to do now i can go to
and find that really just wanna go to this next video now there’s one way that people
suggesting that we do this and it’s in the editing room make the video really long at
the end but then what that does is that makes this really long and makes your time really
long you have your 10 minute video because you made the ending five minutes long you
wanna do that so how do we solve that problem well watch this little trick when you log
in to your account which I am right here you gonna have all this edit box above your video
click the edit annotations box and (alright lets) ohm shut that up ok and then what you
wanna do is you gonna click add annotation and your gonna add the pause annotation oh
yes the pause annotation you do that correctly and you can put this where ever you want at
your video right am you got to move around and all that stuff so you can put it wherever
you want in the video and you can make it as long as you want so! this more thing would
be to put it at the very end of your video right before the officially end and pause
it for good 30 seconds to a minute even longer ok now I’m not gonna go ahead do that cause
i have already have this one and plays where gonna go ahead look at it in action ok let’s
get reed of this lets get reed of this and lets go watch the end of this video again
and I’ll show you how its work so what I want you to do is you see my call to action
comes up and you can see my video and this is what I want people to click on that’s
for all you know ,you know aim in that now watch what happen see the timer set 7:11 12,13,14,15,wait
for it 16,ahm stock on 16 screen isn't moving and there’s little timer right there in
upper lenght corner that goes away and it keeps counting guys this is simple as that
add an annotaions at the end of your video from your call to action appears with the
pause button and that will keep you from having the video officially end and moving on to
the related videos so powerfull little tricks go add it to your videos right now.