How to cook pork on the BBQ with Curtis Stone - Coles

Uploaded by ColesSupermarkets on 10.01.2013

I've got all of these beautiful
marinated different cuts of pork
and I'm going to show you exactly how to cook them
and how to know when they're done.
I've got three different marinated meats.
My pork cutlets are in a dry rub.
I have my pork fillets that are in this nuoc cham wet marinade.
And I have my pork boneless loins here
which is in an oil-based marinade.
So they all take slightly different ways to get them onto the barbie.
First of all, what I'm gonna do with these guys
is just a really light drizzle of oil.
Very, very light because you don't want it to catch on fire.
I go ahead and I just give this a really light rub.
I like to start these straight over the rack here.
So they're all next to each other and they kinda support each other
and stand up in a row.
Next what we're gonna do is we're gonna cook these loins.
Very lightly oil the grill and take a couple of these guys
and then place them straight on.
With these guys you want to make sure that you get rid of all the coriander
and pop it straight onto your pre-oiled grill.
Once you put your cutlets down
and you've rendered down some of that fat,
just pick one up and have a look.
Once you get some of that nice colour,
then you want to just turn these little babies over.
OK, so I think my fillets are pretty much done,
so I'm going to pull those off.
Looking delicious.
I'm going to move my cutlets up to the top.
So they can just finish off nice and slow.
And I'm also gonna turn these guys over.
And they've got plenty of colour as well,
so I'll sit those up the top too.
OK. Now...
A really important part of getting a beautifully cooked piece of meat
is letting it rest.
But I want to make sure that this is the right temperature.
So there's a few things you can do
to make sure you've got it up around 60 degrees.
One thing we do in a restaurant is we get a little skewer
and you poke it in to the thickest part of the piece of meat
and then you can take it out and you want to feel it,
it should be just warmer than your skin.
So I always just put it under my lip, just there.
Now, if you hold it against your lip
and it starts to just burn ever so slightly,
you know that you've overcooked your meat a little bit.
And if it feels cold, then you know it's still undercooked.
But that feels just right.
If you've got one of these guys,
you can take the temperature of the core of the meat.
Let's see how accurate I am.
61. Not bad.
I said 60 to 65 is about where you should cook it,
so this is going to be just pink, nice and medium, which I love.
That's exactly how you should cook pork as far as I'm concerned.
So let's go ahead and let it rest and just give it a couple more minutes
and then the rest of our stuff should be done, we'll be ready to serve.
Now, I'm removing these smaller little loins, boneless loins.
They really don't take that long to cook.
Great. 63 degrees. So that's about right for those.
When you're cooking pork like this, my general rule of thumb
is rest for half the amount of time it takes to cook.
So if this is on the grill for 5 minutes, you need to rest it for 2.5.
If this one was on for 15, then you need to rest it for 6 or 7 minutes.
I'm going to take my cutlets off the barbie.
And give those a bit of time to rest as well.
When it comes to cutting your meat, you want to cut straight through it.
A lot of people will cut their meat on an angle, but don't do it,
because what you're doing is you're cutting it with the grain.
You want to cut directly against it.
So just go ahead and cut straight through your pork just like that.
Let's have a look.
Look at that - still nice and juicy, just a tiny bit pink.
That looks great.
And now let's have a look at our fillets.
Same deal. Don't cut them on this angle.
You know, you'll see it happen a lot.
But the best thing to do is just to go straight through your fillet...
You can see that little bit of pink running through there.
That's exactly how you want it.
OK, lastly, but of course not least,
we've got these gorgeous cutlets.
We've let them rest for just a couple of minutes,
cut it straight off the bone like that
and just slice right through your pork.
So when you can cook on the barbie
this unbelievable, beautiful, succulent pork...
Thank you to Coles for now supplying it sow stall free.
It's such an amazing achievement.
And when you're able to barbecue it like this and it tastes so good,
we all win.