Kawal ang Tatay Ko! Proud Ako! (2/5)

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Isn't it selfishness?
It's not selfishness to keep our boy away from his dad's fate.
No, that's not selfishness, never!
Right now, my family is in Mindanao.
That's far!
Yes that's far alright.
Oh, how do you feel about that -
way too far from your wife and kids?
I've gotten used to it...
Because, since this is, maybe,
my chance to serve the government and the people.
So this is just part of the sacrifice.
At least, somehow, my wife understands.
It's very rare to meet my children.
Right now, it's January since I last returned home.
Because I'm from Capiz, sir.
Presently, because some things just can't be left behind,
my wife is already worried, why does it have to,
it's only now almost 6 months before I could return home.
What's really hard, sir, if you're in the service,
is that you can't really take good care of your children, sir.
You can't monitor them while they develop,
and you don't have time for them and even to your family.
You can't always meet them.
For me, it's every... for the whole year, only 15 days are allowed
because of the type of work here.
How do you feel about that? Your wife?
Ah, actually, she understands.
Because before we got married I told her that's what a Ranger's life like -
that's the life of a soldier.
Duty first.
But sometimes it's also depressing
because you can only speak to your children at the phone.
I also can't keep an eye to the children's development
that time moves so fast.
But I'm still happy about my chosen profession.
Up to now, I still haven't returned home yet.
But by June, I'm planning to come home this June.
My wife said that my youngest might not recognize me at all.
Even if I'm only inside the base, 101% it's extreme!
Your mission?
I extremely miss my wife actually.
What do you do then when you miss her?
I look at her photograph in my laptop because she's my wallpaper. <3
I was scheduled to get married 2 years ago, but was canceled.
What does he doesn't understand about your job?
Uhm, being far, that's one.
Then, if you need to go home but suddenly you can't
because there's still work in the office.
Surely he's disappointed.
We had an scheduled event, a wedding, he needs company.
But I didn't show up.
And there are other special occasions like
his birthday, his mom's birthday, our anniversary that I missed...
Because if you are a soldier, you don't control your own time.
If your boss said we still have to do, no one leaves, nobody really leaves.
But you love him?
We are going to be married right?
Should have been.
Right now it's impossible,
it's unworkable...
We don't know, for example, without notice
you got assigned somewhere afar and he's job is here
he just can't simply left behind...
It's not like, like...
We're thinking of the future, for example he said when we formed a family
he just can't go all of a sudden exactly where I am.
That's impossible he said.
It's impossible to request I always be assigned where he is,
that I be assigned in Manila because that's where he is.
He understands, sometimes but
it's only me, that I feel that I've lots of shortcomings.
You're very dedicated of being a soldier, that's how I see it.
It's like you are sacrificing your personal aspirations for your work,
am I right?
Maybe sir...
Egay, stuff yourself up so that you'll be alert in school later.
Grandma, today's Saturday.
No classes today.
Oh! Oh Jeez! I'm becoming forgetful!
It's Saturday...
Egay! ... Eh!
Del! Mmm...
Take a look what I've found inside the cabinet.
What is it Grandpa?
Medal, my son. Military Merit Medal awarded to your dad.
And look here, see?
This certificate cites the exemplary bravery of your dad in combat.
Almost all military awards and decorations have been reaped by your dad!
He's a distinguished soldier.
He's even better than your Grandpa.
Let's eat!
Eh, Grandma, what was Dad like?
Son, your dad is a great man.
We raised him without giving us any problems.
He's kind, obedient, industrious, and most importantly he's intelligent.
And you saw him in the photos, he's manly, very strong.
Did I inherit his qualities, Grandma?
Your charms,
that was from me! Eh?!!
[ Chuckles ]
Uhmp, ha!
Sgt. dela Cruz, you don't belong here!
This is an intellectual discourse.
[ Chuckles ]
Don't butt in.
Just take a look at the two of us, eh?
Are we not very much alike?
[ Chuckles ] Whaa?
Son, the truth is,
when your Grandma first saw me, What?
I was in uniform.
I was in a very dignified pose.
Her eyes bulged out!
It's almost impossible to mend.
Is that true Grandma?
Don't believe that old fart. Uhmp.
Jeez! In our second encounter,
she started courting me relentlessly.
Grandma, you courted Grandpa?
This old geezer is out of his wits!
Don't believe his lies! Out of my wits?!! [ Mocking ]
Hey, stop you're speaking nonsense! Whoo, stop?!! [ Mocking ]
But come here my son.
You know, Grandpa isn't only humorous, but also boastful.
But in truth, you know
soldiers are wonderful sights to see.
Especially when their uniforms are marine pressed,
boots spit-shined, and their posture very sharp!
It's such a wonderful sight!
Oh, you see? She finally admits! [ Chuckles ]
Whatta! Even if he's like that...
What do you mean like "that?"
Don't argue!!!
Even if he's like that, you know? Ah...
I'll never substitute him from those lawyers, doctors, and engineers
who courted me before, you know why?
Your Grandpa has no equal.
Eh, why is that?
Eh, 'coz soldiers know how to cook, iron, and wash clothes.
And one more, most importantly, soldiers obey commands.
[ Chuckles ]
It needs no explanation, that you're my Commander-in-Chief!
Yes, exactly. See? Hey, hey, enough, I've many things...
Son, I hope you'll always help me when I'm cleaning our jeep.
My age is quite taking its toll.
Sure, whenever there's no classes 'Pa.
Eh, Grandpa, why did Dad choose to be a soldier?
Your dad wants to follow me.
But, Son, there are different reasons why some want to be a soldier.
Many are looking for jobs.
But some, like they say, want to serve the people.
Ah, it's really my ambition to be a soldier.
It's my dream ever since I saw my uncle how he wears his uniform,
and how he delivers himself like a soldier.
I grew up inside a military camp and I witnessed their discipline.
Since I was young, I value this admirable quality inherent in them.
My parents are farmers, sir,
and I enter this profession because of poverty.
I was formerly from a band, a civilian band.
We had gigs like that...