UTS Information Evening for year 12 students & parents - Welcome & Event Overview

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Johan:A big warm welcome to all you students and parents and thank you for taking the time
and joining us at UTS today. So my name is Johan and I'll be hosting tonight's proceedings.
So the aim of tonight is basically to provide you with key and insightful information about
choosing a university, the university experience and all that it entails. So you can really
make a really informed choice as to what you want to study, which career path you want
to take and how you can really best achieve that. So the first half of the evening will
highlight the application process, different career paths available, as well as the different
scholarships on offer that UTS has available. The second half will consist of highlighting
the different university career and international opportunities as well as offering an opportunity
to ask questions directly to a student panel over there. So now before we begin I've been
asked to speak a little bit about my experience at UTS. So I'm currently in my final week
actually. Tomorrow's my last exam. So I'm actually at the threshold of completing my
university degree and it's - I'm completing a three year co-op scholarship degree for
business and IT called BIT. So I have - me personally I have a really strong entrepreneurial
and business passion. I started my first business when I was 13,
so as you can imagine choosing a university degree was quite difficult for me with so
many, varied passions like business, technology and design and it was really difficult for
me to find an actual degree that I could be passionate about that I thought would lead
to the paths that I wanted. So I was recommended actually by my maths tutor of all people who
had a son actually go through UTS, having great success. He said you should check out
UTS' scholarships, so I checked it out online, did an application, went through a couple
of rounds of interviews and finally got accepted and my mum was really happy.
So since that time my course has been nothing but fantastic. I've got a whole industry regarded
degree behind me and a lot of opportunities ahead of me. It's also been incredible because
of UTS' real practical focus and its high regard in the industry because since that
I've been offered two internships - one at Westpac, CSR, even Deloitte and been offered
jobs at top ten companies like Lad Advertising and those previous places as well. It's also
invaluable experience, mentors and contacts that you get along the way.
So just a bit about myself as well, I also own two businesses. One of which is a creative
agency and another which is an e-learning platform and it's also been afforded me the
ability to awarded Anthill's Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur of the Year this year. It's
also allowed me to hire other students and even get UTS as a client as well. So as you
can imagine I've been talking a bit about the academics but also in my experience the
social side has been fantastic which I'm sure a lot of you students - schoolies time as
well probably thinking about. It's been fantastic with me being able to
- even be a vice president of a society, going through elections and learning that whole
process and learning how to do events such as this for academics as well as building
events and parties for - across universities for over 300 people and it's invaluable experience
you can only get at a university. So it was also like, as you can imagine, pretty difficult
for me to kind of juggle my social life, university life as well as all these business endeavours
and I was quite strained for time, but throughout it all the university staff and lecturers
have been incredibly supportive. You know even going to lengths as actually lecturers
offering me business opportunities and more clients.
So anything I need I know I can count on UTS staff to help me along my journey. So now
I'm finishing a degree, I've already been offered a position at Deloitte. I have a lot
of opportunities available to me as well as an industry recognised degree behind me. So
I really believe that industry and companies look for applicants in a highly competitive
market with hands-on experience and knowledge that can be appointed to any business they're
appointed to. That's what UTS has prepared me with. So before we commence I'd like to
invite Patrick Woods, the deputy vice chancellor of resources, to the stage to formally introduce
you all to UTS. Please give him a warm welcome. Patrick:I remember when I used to sit in those
chairs years and years ago and when I finished off high school and thought about going into
university and for me it was just a big black hole. I had no idea there was a big set of
buildings up the road. It was a pretty scary place. I had no idea what happened behind
the moat when the drawbridge went up but at the end of the day it turned out alright and
what I'm here to do tonight is to actually talk a little bit about that and the rest
of the proceedings tonight will help you understand that it is in fact not a castle. There is
no moat to cross. It's a good time and it's a really exciting time in your lives.
For many of you here this evening the next stage of your life represents one of the most
important steps you'll take. It's a time of learning, it's a time of independence, it's
a life changing experience, but also a time of choices, challenges and a completely new
learning environment. That's probably the biggest challenge many of you will go through.
As such we hope that the information we give you tonight will help you in your transition
from what has been a high school environment to a university environment, irrespective
of whether you're a year 12 student or indeed a parent, a caregiver or a family or friend.
This is probably going to be one of the more exciting and stimulating and challenging experiences
you'll face. University involves more than studying a degree to get a job. University
is a life experience. Independence and social as much as it is academic. It's not just about
going to a classroom all the time. It represents opportunities for you to grow as an individual
and as a future member of the workforce. It's also a time most importantly, or as importantly,
to make friends that could very well last you a lifetime. You'll be studying alongside
students from all walks of life, differing ages and from all kinds of different countries.
Universities are part of a national system and while there are certain standards that
all universities must adhere to there are also many differences and what specific things
universities can offer students. UTS' approach to learning and teaching is what sets us apart,
so I'm going to just talk about that a little bit here and focus on the fact that UTS courses
are renowned for their practise-based approach. You've heard a little bit about that tonight.
We ensure that our graduates gain as much hands-on experience as possible through a
combination of cutting edge facilities as well as teaching quality and our strong industry
connections. The university has probably some of the strongest,
if not the strongest, industry connections in the country. There are 38 universities
in this country and up until two years ago when the university - when the government
stopped measuring the performance of universities, we were ranked between the first to the third
- somewhere in there on a regular basis. So it gives you some flavour for where we sit
in the country in those 38 universities. It does mean that our courses are updated regularly
and involve industry relevant topics that allow you students to practise in real world
applications and theories. Students are also encouraged to take advantage
of UTS' industry partnerships and undertaking work experience as part of the degrees. In
some cases students will be able to travel overseas to study or gain work experience
as part of that degree as well. Alright, now there's some funny pictures up there to a
degree. We'll talk a little bit about that. I'll try not to talk too quickly and slip
on my words. Over the coming years UTS is reinventing the city campus through new buildings
and major upgrades. Everybody's familiar with the big ugly brown tower that's out there?
You'll be glad to know that students don't spend much if any of their time in that tower.
That's all the administration. That's what it takes a run a university of close to 35,000
students. The project we have underway now is to re-build
it. It's a vision to create an educational precinct which is cutting edge teaching, learning
and research. Some of the pictures that you'll see up there - the new buildings will open
in 2014 starting with the Broadway building for the faculty of engineering and IT which
is pictured in your top left. Some of the students that have seen this have already
started nicknaming these buildings. That's known as the bling wing. The Thomas Street
building for the faculty of science which is pictured on the bottom left hasn't got
a nickname yet. That's up to you guys. Then there's the Frank Gary's or Frank Gary's
first building in Australia. That is the home to the new UTS business school from mid-2014.
My brother looked at that and said oh that's the Chernobyl effect. Sometimes known as the
crumpled paper bag. But we're really excited about the inside of that building as opposed
to what you see on the outside and how it is actually used for teaching and research.
Those that are lucky enough to participate in that building certainly will enjoy the
inside as much as the outside. Furthermore Alumni Green has been re-designed to create
a beautiful green heart for the campus. It's part of UTS' strategy to improve the quality
of social spaces and interactions on campus. That is pictured on the bottom right. We will
again finish that by the end of 2014. I should say that even though you see all
these things taking place for the future, one of the things that we haven't had the
opportunity of putting up in pictures are all the spaces that are being created in the
current buildings to create what we call the sticky campus. In days gone by UTS was a university
which was - you come here at night after work and then you go home. We're now in a position
where there are many positions or places on campus where you actually can sit down, spend
time, study, socialise with your friends and do what is becoming more and more common which
is group learning. Technology driven collaborative teaching and learning spaces are being created
every year, as I mentioned, and by 2014 the whole precinct will be on - almost unrecognisable.
Across the road you'll see a central park development by Fraser's that is a huge part
of the change that we're going through with the various different facilities from pharmacies
to things like Woollies et cetera that will be in there. Alright. Now, importantly at
UTS we strongly believe that it's not just about study. There are over 100 clubs and
societies that you can be part of such as scuba diving, drama, fencing, electronic gaming
- I like the electronic gaming one - and a large network of about 35 different sporting
clubs. This year for the fourth time in five years UTS was named overall champions at the
eastern university games and came sixth overall. That's our best result ever.
We also have an elite athlete programme providing support for over 100 elite athletes studying
at UTS including three London Olympians. Gavin Woods in water polo, Hayder Skara in shadow
taekwondo squad and Lucinda Whitty, a silver medallist in the match racing sailing and
James Chapman who's pictured there a UTS alumnist also won silver in rowing. For those who prefer
the more social side of sport we also have a lunchtime sports programme each day at our
brand new state-of-the-art multipurpose sports hall and a comprehensive recreational programme
for activities such as horse riding and even skydiving. You won't catch me doing that one.
Although my son does. Alright. Now, finally let me end off with
a few of our inspiring graduates over the years. Something that you can think about
for yourselves. Many of our graduates have gone on to do great things in their respective
areas after their UTS experiences. Included on this screen are Jordan Ewan, an engineering
graduate who's now studying a PhD on the creation of semi-autonomous wheelchairs. What does
that mean? It means that basically what you're doing is actually sitting in a wheelchair
and moving the wheelchair where you want to go with the thought process in your brain.
That's the extent of it. Also pictured is Genevieve Clay, communications graduate and
winner of Tropfest 2010. Matt Cleary, nursing graduate and programme
co-ordinator for Doctors without Borders and Sophie Nixon, a design graduate who is now
working on a design - as a designer at Sass and Bide. You can see there's a wide variety
of activities and successes that are taking place. I hope you enjoy your time at UTS this
evening and get a bit of a flavour for what it's all about and that the information provided
does help you with your decision-making process. I am unashamedly proud of the university.
I've spent the last 28 years in the corporate world so for me coming into the higher ed
world for the last six years had been an eye-opener and from my perspective as a corporate person,
I can't think of a better university to be at. Thank you very much.