eHrvatska 43 - Fight club (BlackBerry vs. iPhone)

Uploaded by Crowdhr on 03.09.2010

First ever Fight Club has been held, with a topic “Blackberry vs. iPhone”.
It was organized in order to find out which of these two smartphones is better.
Gadgets were represented by the actual users.
First Fight club was organized by CROWD (Croatian Web Developers Association), at the EXIT Theater in Zagreb.
The Fight Club is a new project that promotes the web culture, new media and technology.
Through the clash of ideas, gadgets and technologies, divided into two teams, fighters tried to end the dilemma
of many smartphone users: iPhone or Blackberry?
iPhone team was led by Luka Sučić, with the help of Anja Pečovnik.
Blackberry was represented by Marko Rakar and Marija Lugarić.
Debate was supervised and moderated by Mario Petreković.
The Fight Club started with the usual question:
which one is better: iPhone or Blackberry?
iPhone makes the trends, others follow, in a nutshell.
You're saying that Blackberry is a copy of something…
No, Blackberry is first and foremost a phone, that has been around for a long time.
Blackberries used to be very ugly, very big and very fat…
And then along came Apple with iPhone and it set a whole new standard.
That doesn't work…
-That's right, that's right!
Through fierce fighting teams tried to show reasons why to chose iPhone or Blackberry.
Fighters had some interesting thesis and arguments.
Why doesn’t the phone work?
-I don’t know.
They are still fixing it.
3rd generation and it still doesn’t work.
So, they are still upgrading?
-They say that anytime now that they will launch a version that actually works.
That is only because Blackberry has reached its peak and it cannot give more than it gives already.
While iPhone will give more and more with each new generation.
From battery life and available apps to phone capabalities, all these were the features that were discussed.
Leaders of their teams tried to explain why they choose iPhone or Blackberry.
Blackberry is a phone, just a phone.
So, calling, emailing, texting, some surfing and that’s it.
iPhone is a multimedia gadget in your pocket.
Infinite number of various apps, things I don’t even know I’ll need in a month, two or five.
I just reach into my pocket, click, search, download and use.
I forget about it and then I use it again.
Blackberry works, that’s the biggest difference between Blackberry and iPhone.
Blackberry is a platform that has been in development for a long time.
It’s a professional tool that just simply works.
And it is integrated with absolutely everything.
So, it is not true that it’s not a multimedia gadget.
We have same capabilities as iPhone, and then some.
We can listen to mp3 and aac and wma, even sync it with iTunes…
Fierce discussion was supported by the audience that was also an active participant in the debate.
The atmosphere was heated up by throwing stress balls whenever the audience wanted to show its dissatisfaction with the arguments presented.
First Fight Club proved to be a great idea and venue where, while having fun, you could hear interesting views and arguments.
But the answer to the question “iPhone or Blackberry?” will continue to stay an individual choice.