Tutorial: Video in eine Zeitung integrieren • Magix Video Deluxe 2013

Uploaded by TheChosenOne2k12 on 25.09.2012

In this tutorial I will show you how you can insert a video in a newspaper.
First, we put the image file of the newspaper on the second video track. The newspaper I created with MS-Word, and saved as an image (screenshot).
Then we import the video to be displayed in the newspaper, on the first video track.
You see here in the paper a big blue box.
In this later our video is played.
Now we click the newspaper in the timeline and go right up to the effects => Video Effects => ChromaKey
Here we select blue.
The whole can adapt even to the threshold and the Transition area.
As you can see, my logo disappears with. But this is not so bad.
I'll just add later on a new video track again.
From our video now only an excerpt is displayed.
But we can still adapt.
Go to the effects => Motion Effects => Position / Size
After clicking on "Edit" we can make the video smaller, and move it to the correct position.
I choose the size a little larger than the blue box, and move it to the correct position.
Now I add my logo again, which has been hidden by the blue screen effect.
I take care of the whole nor on position / size, and move it to the correct position.
Then we have to adjust the duration of the two lower video tracks.
Now we can look at the whole.
The newspaper you can create with a text editor of your choice and customize to your own requirements.
Look soon back in, as I will regularly upload new tutorials.
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