Gymnastics : How to Do a Backflip on the Ground

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.11.2008

Hi, my name is Caroline, and I'm here at Encore Gymnastics with Amanda, and today we're going
to teach you how to learn a back flip. Before you do any activity like this, you're going
to want to stretch your muscles, especially your wrist and ankles, (go ahead and show
us how to do that), push back and flip them over, and push back again. She's also going
to stretch her ankles, you want to make sure your muscles and everything is ready for your
landing, (other ankle), and her Achilles, here she's going to be stretching the muscles
all through here, (and the other leg), and lastly we're going to do our neck, back and
forth, and up and down. Before you do your back flip, your going to want to warm up with
some jumps. So we're going to start with our arms up, she's going to swing her arms, she's
going to try to jump up over my head; lets do that again. Start up, this time she's going
to pull, her knees into her stomach, swing, and, very good. Now if you have a spotter,
your spotter can start with their hand on your back, she's going to swing, jump up,
and flip, and finish. The things you want to make sure you're doing, is when you're
jumping or when you're setting, you're going to pull your chest up to the ceiling, when
that happens, that's the point in which you pull your knees into your stomach. You also
want to make sure you're rotating through your hips instead of through your shoulders.
So we're up here, we're going to swing, finish in the same place where she started. I'm going
to go ahead and let Amanda show that to you on her own; very good. That's how to learn
a back flip.