PSL Software (Video 2013)

Uploaded by PSLCorp on 04.12.2012

You notice your competitors are innovating faster...
...and your software solutions are not in tune with the market.
You want to act quickly, but your development team is on overdrive, and simply can't take
the extra work. You look into offshoring to Asia to stretch
your bandwidth and dollars. However, the time zone doesn't match, which
means you can't do agile. And your team will suffer from late nights
and early mornings. So... Why not look nearer?
To a place where your offshore team is awake when you are awake?
Have you looked nearshore to Latin America, at a culture that is closer to home?
Here: have a look at PSL. We're a 400 person strong software company
based in Colombia and Mexico, with the experience to develop your most demanding web and mobile
apps. For over 25 years, the region's leading
corporations have confided more than 1,000 projects to us.
We have worked with dozens of startups, tech firms that trade in NASDAQ, the region's
largest banks ...and even the Panama Canal
Now... it wasn't easy to earn their trust In the late 90's, we set the goal to become
Latin America's first world-class software engineering firm.
Efforts paid off in 2002, when PSL became the eight company in the world assessed at
CMMi level 5 And the first in Latin America.
Now... we didn't stop there. In 2007, we won the prestigious IEEE Software
Process Achievement Award. It felt good to be recognized among only nine
companies to have received it, including giants like NASA, Boeing and IBM.
We have made great strides in engineering, but work even harder to build effective teams.
Our teams are passionate about technology and new ideas.
And instead of doing simply what they are told, walk the extra mile to suggest better
options. We work in full transparency, sharing real-time
project dashboards with our clients. And, by cherry-picking one in 30 resumes we
receive, we select team players of deep technical know-how and English communication skills.
The best evidence that we keep our people happy? Our churn rate is less than 5%.
Today, we use agile SCRUM to deliver IT services to more than 16 countries.
We offer our services under staff augmentation, where our engineering teams truly become an
extension of your organization. Or also offer a more turn-key approach, where
we develop software all the way from conception to full deployment.
Many come to us to save money, only to find a goldmine of talent and creativity.
So... No matter if you are an enterprising startup or a Fortune 500 company...
...Give us a call!