Google: Let's Hangout...

Uploaded by Google on 20.09.2012

About a year ago
we introduced something called hangouts
in the beginning people were using it to just, well...
but then someone had the idea to play a concert in a hangout
and someone else had the idea to take people on a photo walk in a hangout
and all of a sudden people were cooking
and dog training
learning to draw and stargazing, stretching
and wrenching cylinder heads, tying the knot
visiting museums and...
...doing whatever this guy is doing
and a ton of other stuff
all while hanging out
Maybe you have an idea for a hangout you want to broadcast to the world
or maybe you just want to catch up with the people who know you best, either way, it doesn't cost a thing
and it's easy, just click the hangout button in gmail or google+