Why I love living in Corfe House

Uploaded by bournemouthuni on 10.05.2012

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>> Living in Bournemouth is awesome because there is the beach so when it’s a great
day it’s always good to go there, either for a drink or lay down on the beach - and
at the same time the night life is pretty busy because it’s a, I would say, it’s
a student town so you will never miss the opportunity to go out and have fun. During
my year at Bournemouth University I have been living at Corfe House in Poole, and it’s
been a really great experience because it’s a great mix of both international and British
people and we all bonded together and it’s a perfect mix of a quiet, silent study place
and at the same time wonderful parties… Can I say that?! Haha! Corfe House is also
great because it’s five minutes from the High Street, two minutes from a supermarket
and um, the best thing is that it’s just five minutes away from the sea. Getting to
uni from Corfe House is pretty easy because we have a uni bus that takes us on campus.
And it’s always good because, um, by knowing all the people in the Halls, I always get
to get on the bus and have a conversation before going in to lectures which is great.
I feel very safe living in Corfe House because there is a reception which is open 24 hours
a day and um, our key are in the form of cards so nobody external can come in to the Halls.
It’s just great!