Me Grimlock Vlogging About TV, Episode 7: "Hasenpfeffer" (10/04/2011)

Uploaded by TVCriticGrimlock on 04.10.2011

Me Grimlock just heard wonderful news! Arrested Development getting back together again! Me
Grimlock used to enjoy Arrested Development! Oh, that Baba Oje and his positive words of
In Doctor Who news, Doctor Who had season finale. Eleventh Doctor's life got saved by
River and Amy and that starship from Eddie Murphy movie Meet Dave. Also, Doctor got hitched
to River. Me Grimlock wonder why he not sign prenup!
Over on Showtime, Dexter come back for another season of episodes about boring humans and
their boring relationship problems, all narrated by serial killer who now just guest star in
his own show even though his name still in title of show.
Dexter now followed on Sundays by new Showtime drama called Homeland, starring Claire Danes
as CIA analyst who may or may not be mentally ill and Damian Lewis as rescued POW who may
or may not be terrorist. It too early to tell if Homeland may or may not be waste of great
premise, but one thing for sure: Homeland pilot one of best pilots of fall season, even
though twitchiness of high-strung Claire Danes character kinda tiring to watch after nearly
one hour. She twitchy and shouty like Starscream when he not get his way!
RON HOWARD: On the next Me Grimlock Vlogging About TV, after NBC cancels The Playboy Club
three weeks into its run, Grimlock explains why it got turned into hasenpfeffer.
TV CRITIC GRIMLOCK: Me thought Playboy Club try too hard to please everybody: men who
want jiggle stuff, women who want soap opera stuff, gay men who want musical number stuff,
Parents Television Council members who despise sex...
RON HOWARD: And Grimlock celebrates his first year of tweeting about TV and gets drunk on
TV CRITIC GRIMLOCK: Uhhhh... Me Grimlock feel like me just puked up Mike from Mike & Molly...