Arizona Football Looks Toward the Upcoming Season

Uploaded by Arizona on 04.05.2012

Hank Moonen: It’s a beautiful spring day, came to see our cats play and see how they
do this season.
Zach Scheele: What brings me out? I'm a huge cat fan, football fan, don't miss a game,
came out to see the new coach, new quarterback, whole new team this year, so really I came
to see everything new.
Daniel Jenkins: Well I think the game went well, offense started off a little slow, coming
into the scrimmage, you know, it was kind of just focusing on fundamentals and coming
out here playing hard and fast and physical. Later on in the scrimmage I feel we progressed
pretty well in doing that and defense did well in the scrimmage too.
Julian Samuels: From what I know coach Rodriguez is a very good coach, he knows football very
well, he was great at West Virginia and Michigan. And I think he will be great for Tucson and
University of Arizona to have a coach of his prestige here coaching our football program.
Richard Morrison: Coach Rod is a real family man, he makes you want to play. You'll do
anything for him, that's how good he is, like he yells but you know it’s in a good way,
so you’re just like damn I gotta work harder for him.
Daniel Jenkins: Well there are a lot of changes and a lot of different things were doing.
As far as positive aspects, in the new things he's implemented into the program, its more
of a different culture he's changing the culture of Arizona and everyone's buying in and there’s
all positive movement around Mckale Center in what he's doing.
Zach Scheele: Having a winning team this year would mean a lot to me, more than ever, especially
since it's my senior year, my last year at the U of A, seeing our football team be at
it's highest potential would mean a lot to me.
Julian Samuels: I think we should be good, should be an improvement from last year and
I think the teams working for Rose Bowl.