Skyrim Tutorial: Schwert (Teil1: Modellierung | Cinema 4D)

Uploaded by LeckerHamster on 13.01.2012

Hello, welcome to my first tutorial. I'm Austrian so time to change the channel or just be tolerant, i'll try to suppress my dialect.
We are going to model a simple 3D sword, i'll use splines and loft-nurbs.
A spline is a simple 2D shape, two ore more placed in a loft-nurb will form a 3D object.
Those are just basics, lets change to the front view
We need a template for our sword, right over here you can select an image and load it into the background.
I chose a pretty simple sword, cut it into two halves and mirrored one side to obtain a steady shape.
I replaced shiny areas as well so the texturing process will be much easier to handle.
Lets start with the blade, I use a spline similar to its profile, a 6 sided n-spline.
Place the spline, transform it into shape, rotate it into the right position and place it on the upper side of the blade.
Copy/paste the spline, move it downwards, adjust the size.
Repeat this process all the way downwards, add more splines for more details.
Transfrom the last spline to 0% for a sharp peak.
When all splines are arranged correctly just select them all, put them into a loft-nurb.
We get a rough 3D blade, adjust the splines as you desire.
Reduce the polygons by clicking onto the loft nurb and set the parameters in the properties: 10/3/3.
Less polygons/faces but still a similar shape.
To model the hilt i use a 3 sided n-spline, a triangle. One directly on the x-axis, a second one to the left.
Now i place a rounded spline, a circle.
Same procedure as before, copy the circle and arrange it along the hilt, don't forget to adjust the size.
Select all new splines and put them into a loft-nurb.
Rotate the placed circles to correct this deformation, 90° downwards should work.
Now put the loft-nurb into a symmetry-container to mirror it, the hilt is complete.
Adjust or add splines as you desire to contain a better shape.
Lets move on to the upper area of the hilt, just place circles and transform them into shape.
Pressing the CTRL key while rotation will set the adjustement steps to 5.
As mentioned before: Just go up the whole hilt by adding new circles and adjust their size.
Once again put all new splines into a loft-nurb to obtain a 3D object.
You can adjust the shape now by moving or transforming the splines or just leave it this way.
Click on the loft-nurb, reduce the polgyon count once again, do the same with the previous loft-nurb: 10/3/3.
Well, that looks fine, the polygon count seems to be alright.
That's it, thx for watching and we will continue with textures and game import in the next tutorial. Cya.