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Uploaded by Diginfonews on 19.08.2009

Shiseido’s Real-Time Make-Up Simulator is a machine that lets people experience make-up virtually.
Just by choosing cosmetics in a store, you can check on a monitor how you’ll look if you put the make-up on. When you turn to face the display, a built-in camera with face recognition software detects your eyebrows, eyes, lips, and nose. The software then selects make-up that suits your face.
People can actually try the machine this summer, at the Science Museum’s special exhibition called “The Science of Beauty - Make-Up.”
This simulator analyzes a person’s face, classifying it as one of four patterns, and selects make-up to match each pattern.
There’s a camera attached here.
The camera is used to analyze the eyes, cheekbones, and mouth in turn.
When the analysis is complete, you can simulate make-up that suits your own pattern.
This exhibition runs until August 31.
After that, we plan to hold it at science museums throughout Japan.
To use the machine, first, touch the Start button to photograph your face. Then, the facial analysis begins. The results classify your face into one of four patterns. Then, you can touch the Recommend Make-Up button to show, on screen, make-up that suits your own facial type.
Try choosing a lipstick color you like.
Next, choose an eye color.
Next, choose a cheek color.
Now, touch the Compare Before & After button.
This enables you to check your new look.