Obama calls for racial equality at inauguration

Uploaded by tekareremaorinews on 21.01.2013

President Barack Obama urged Americans
to answer the call of history and unite as one nation
to rid their country of inequality,
as he was sworn in for a second term
in the White House.
The 44th president of the United States of America
speaking on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Day
urged Americans to realise his dream of racial equality.
The 44th President of the USA taking the pledge of allegiance
on the steps of Congress,
the political power house of this country.
He took the oath with his hand resting on two bibles;
one belonged to Abraham Lincoln
and the other to Dr Martin Luther King —
two people he aligns himself to and their belief in equality
important to the first Afro-American to take on this role.
Despite the allegiance Americans have to their President,
the numbers at his inauguration were down from last year.
While his speech was short,
his concerns are for the welfare of Americans
and the equal opportunity for all Americans
to their right to good education.
And environmental issues.
He was the president wanting to take Americans out of war zones,
and under his watch, Osama Bin Laden was assassinated.
He brought an end to the war in Iraq
and is working at pulling troops out of Afghanistan.
But the biggest battle he faces
is with the democratic right of his citizens to carry arms or not.
The greatest challenge before him now
is how he will be remembered
in the pages of the history of American Presidents.
Tini Molyneux, Te Karere.