Rebirth Festival 2012 - Alphaverb LIVE Teaser

Uploaded by AlphaverbNL on 07.03.2012

Hi I'm Alphaverb
On the 7th of April, at Rebirth Festival I will perform a solo liveact for the first time.
Some of you might wonder, what the difference between an Alphaverb and AVIO liveact will be.
Intractable One (50% of AVIO) tends to prefer the darker hardstyle, where I prefer the Euphoric hardstyle.
It's hard to tell what exact style you can expect from me, but I will give you a little sneak peek.
Two tracks that are the boundaries of my style. So you can expect anything in between.
Well.. Don't be afraid people. I will NOT sing live!
However, I did record the vocals for this track myself, but of course it has been edited A LOT!
This is how it will end up sounding...
It's very common in hardstyle to build towards a climax of the track.
In this case I have chosen, to fall back to nothing more than a vocal supported by piano.
And let it kick in completely out of the blue.
I'm not going to show you too much, therefore you need to visit Rebirth Festival.
The second track I'm going to show you, is my track Klubbsound.
I've already played it a few times, so maybe you've heard it before.
Personally I like that it sounds like there are several synths...
But in fact the complete track uses only one synthesizer, to produce the different sounds.
This is the melody sound from my track Klubbsound...
Basically by turning a few knobs on the synthesizer it can be changed into a screech.
I'll start taking up the cutoff filter, to make it sound more full.
When I use this (analog), the sound becomes a little phatter.
This one (glide), makes sure that the sound glides from high to low notes more smoothly.
The most important one is this (filter env - set to change the frequency)...
Because it makes it sound like a screech, by editing the pitch envelope.
The 7th of April, Rebirth Festival in Haaren (NL)
If you have a ticket, because it's completely sold out. I hope to see you there!