MMD Drama Fest 2012 trailer of the The Ship Who Sang by Anne McCaffrey done with Vocaloid Characters

Uploaded by whocares0503 on 18.08.2012

A was born with a critical illness. The probability of me making it to 4 years is about 2%.
My parents were given 2 options.
A comfortable death...
Or have a surgical operation to be a shell-person for the Central Worlds...
Therefore, my daddy signed 17 documents.
My body didn't grow up after having an advanced pituitary surgery.
Then, I became a shell-person.
Many brain synapses were connected to a device on a space ship.
On my 16th birthday...
I became a scout space ship which belonged to Medical.
A sad story of the brain ship Helva and a scout Jennan.
Author Anne McCaffrey
Sougen SF Bunko (Japanese Version)
MMD Drama Festival Prospective Entry
MMD Drama Festival 2012/05/25 - 05/27