GW2 Builds | Positional Condition Ranger

Uploaded by omfpwnij on 24.07.2012

Hi, this is Barrow, and I want to share with you an effective ranger build
I'd been testing. I like to call it the Positional Condition Ranger build.
It's not a very creative name, but it does a good job describing the theory behind
the build itself.
The build centers around three main concepts:
1) Deal high, sustained damage while flanking.
2) Be capable of layering conditions on enemies, both to damage them and to supress their recovery.
3) And to be able to sacrifice your damage or recover it on-the-fly to increase or
decrease survivability in exchange for damage. Now, the footage that is shown in this
video is a little out of date.
It was recorded during Beta Weekend Event #2, however the build itself has
been updated for Beta Weekend #3's changes, and you can find that link
below the video's description.
While I found this build to be very effective, I'd like to show you a
slowed-down fight so you can see what it's capable of yourself before going to more
details about what it can do.
This Greatsword Ranger initiates the fight by charging at me.
I use Concussion Shot to put him on the defensive, so that I can
initiate the fight how I choose.
I use Flame Trap, and then immediately follow it up with Poison Volley
to drop some initial DoTs on him.
This is also compounded by the fact that I already have Sharpening Stone prepared
on me before the fight began, so I'm dropping bleeds on him as well.
I dodge past him
as he uses Rampage as One, and I use the active ability of my spider (which is a root)
and pop Quickening Zypher to put a bunch of free damage on him
while he can't retaliate.
As the root starts wear-off, I drop Cripppling Shot on him to continue to slow him down.
Now, as that CC starts to wear off,
I switch to my sword and torch.
I use Throw Torch to put more DoTs on him,
then drop Bonfire immediately followed by a Serpent Strike to add more damage as
well as to avoid his Greatsword attacks while he is still buffed from Rampage.
At this point, I probably should have healed, but I decided to take a risk and used Hornet Sting
to leap away and leap back to get a Leap Finisher on the Bonfire to give myself a Fire Aura.
So, now that you've had a chance to see it in action, let's get back to build itself:
As I mentioned, the first concept of this build is idea of increasing your damage
while flanking the enemy.
The reason for this is that it makes it very good in team fights.
As long as you can position yourself behind the enemy,
which should happen if you have other people distracting the enemy,
you're going to get a nice damage boost.
The way in which the build accomplishes this is by stacking-together several different damage boosts
that would take effect in a team fight.
The first is from the 25 point trait in Skirmishing called Hunter's Tactics.
This gives you a 10% damage boost while flanking.
We also get an additional bonus that's the same amount
under the same conditions from the six-piece Runes of the Thief set.
We also get a 25 point trait in Wilderness Survival which gives us another
5% damage boost while above 90% health.
It should be the case most of the time if you're in a team fight if you're careful,
but it's not always go to be active.
On top of that, keep in mind our Short Bow's primary, called "Crossfire", bleeds while flanking,
and the Shot Bow's Concussion Shot causes a stun, rather than daze, while flanking.
So, altogether, that's a 25% damage boost,
plus bleeding, just by being behind or beside the enemy.
Now, let's move on to the second part of the build, which is condition layering.
This build has conditions in spades.
Let's start the weapons skills:
As we already mentioned, the Short Bow has a bleed on it's main attack whenever you're flanking.
In addition, the Short Bow also has, on its #2, Poison Spread, which adds 2-10
seconds of poison depending on how many arrows connect.
It also has a cripple that makes the next 3 attacks for your pet cause bleeding.
If we switch over to our other set of weapons,
we have our Sword, which has a poison on it. We also have our torch, which causes two burns.
The second one, which is Bonfire,
creates an actual fire field that you can shoot through,
adding even more burning to your enemies.
Next up are our Utility Skills:
Sharpening Stone, which is kind-of core this build,
makes it so that your next 5 attacks bleed. This combines really well with Quickening Zypher,
because you can drop those 5 attacks in almost no-time whatsoever.
But, also, it's really effective for things like Poison Spread, because you can get
multiple hits on the enemy at once.
We also add in Flame Trap. It's a little weird to have a trap in here, mixed in
with all of our wilderness survival skills,
but it's extremely effective.
The flame trap, for every second that the enemy stands in it with this build, gets 6
seconds of burning on them.
Conversely if you find you're in a situation where your team doesn't need more DPS,
but needs to slow down and the enemy team's DPS,
you could also potentially switch-out Quickening Zypher for Frost Trap, which
can cause up to 20 seconds of chilled per activation.
As for pets,
there's a lot of different choices. It's
largely up to you, but I would recommend running with 2 cats.
The reason for which is that it synergizes well with this portion of the build, which is
adding conditions to your enemy.
If you run with 2 cats, at the start of combat you can allow them to attack, which
adds 4 bleeds to the enemy,
switch your other cat,
which gives you Quickening Zypher, and also allows them to drop another four bleeds on your enemy.
The final facet to this part of the build are your traits:
10 points in Marksmanship give you another free Sharpening Stone at 75%,
while 10 points in Skirmishing give you a
chance to cause bleeding on crits, which works concurrently with the same proc that comes
from Sigil of Earth.
It also compounds with the Fury buff you get from swapping weapons at 15 points in Skirmishing.
Trap Potency, which comes at 30 points in the Skirmishing line,
doubles trap condition duration,
which is included earlier numbers I gave you.
Finally, in the Wilderness Survival line, at 10 points you increase your pet's condition damage,
and, at 20 points, you make it so that Sharpening Stone and Quickening Zypher
recharge 20% faster.
The last part of the build, as I've mentioned, is the ability to trade off
damage for survivability.
The build doesn't rely on toughness or vitality,
that's how it's able to have high DPS on-demand,
so evasion is key.
We facilitate this by having
Wilderness Survival spec'd so that we can increase our endurance regeneration,
and also gain protection while dodging.
our sword provides 2 endurance-free dodges:
Hornet's Sting and Serpent Strike, which are both on fairly short cooldowns.
To add more defense, the Torch can be swapped in favor of a dagger for yet
another for free evade.
Our traps and Bonfire also make a great way of forcing our enemies out of melee range.
In addition,
if things actually do go poorly you need to escape,
you can do it pretty well.
At 5 points in skirmishing, you get swiftness on weapon swaps; at 5 points
in Beast Mastery you get a 2-second speed buff
from Quickening Zypher. And Quick Shot on the Short Bow gives another 3 seconds of swiftness
that can be used even when you're running away from the enemy.
If worst comes to worst, you can also burn Rampage as One for a huge 20-second
boost in swiftness and stability, so no enemies can knock you down.
That concludes this video.
The updated build is linked below,
as well as a link to a more detailed post my website with all the details covered here.
I hope you enjoyed watching,
and I look forward to making more build guides in the near future when the game is released.