Football Stars Online ver.Beta 1.0 Demo

Uploaded by pervactive on 04.08.2009

In this video, we show you a running demo of our game both on PC and on mobile clients.
It's a live recording to grant you that we are not using tricks when showing you the demo working on 3G network.
At first, we disable the bluetooth function to grant you that our game clients will not interact each other by means of a local connection protocol.
Then we start the game and enjoy the splash screens.
When logging in, we select the internet access point (APN) of our mobile carrier.
It's very important to underline that the connection protocol is HTTP not WAP.
Now, an in-game advertising spot according to the virtual world setting.
Then we find our avatar where we left it last time.
Now we want it to wander around to look for other online players.
Finally, we go back to the stadium restrooms where we'll be waiting for our friends.
Let's shift our attention to a second mobile phone.
We disable the bluetooth.
We connect to the virtual world.
We enjoy again the splash screens.
We login with another mobile carrier.
We get one more social advertise.
Finally, the second player find his avatar where it was left last session.
By means of a simple map we can enter hot spots of the virtual world to look for our friends.
As you can see, user experience of the network lag is good and avatars react quickly to our movement commands.
At last we find our friend at the stadium restrooms but without George Michael.
People can meet online in real time by avatars in strange places of the virtual world.
They can chat to organize a meeting or to make activities together just like a sort of Second Life on a mobile phone.
The chat system keeps a low network lag and it's able to do its job in a while.
Now, we find our friends and we can get together to another virtual world area.
Some pieces of furniture are interactive so you can enable online mini-games too, as a football-themed memory game, for example.
Now it's time to connect a third player to the virtual world by means of a PC client which uses a very common USB modem to go on the internet.
As you can see, user interfaces are very similar at different graphical resolutions.
A quick search to the shopping centre makes the group assembled again for a virtual raid.
Players opt for visiting the new restaurant in the shopping centre.
When they hit the restaurant, they found an epidemic disease killed all people in the pub.
Then two avatars who won't to take risks remember they had some previous important deals and decided to leave the game.
Disconnecting from the game is updated quickly on other connected players to keep a good user experience.
Finally, let's close this demo and get to take a cup of coffee as the last player in our game do.