Como instalar o Office / How to Install Office 2010 Pro Plus x86 / x64 English or PT-BR

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I'm Ricardo and today I will be showing you
how to install Office 2010 Plus
DownloaD thefiles of the video description
I'll install in Portuguese to demonstrate to you, ok?!
The office is the software package of Microsoft
which contains Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook
among others.
It is a very complete package,
logically paid
and here you will learn how to activate it
Just download the files
via torrent
the links are in the description, click on get this torrent
opens with uTorrent, wait to complete the download...
and you mount the image. ISO with your preference program (I'm using UltraISO)
but you can use daemon toolsor other
get the image, right click....
mount the image ...
and click on the setup, where you mounted the ISO and click on SETUP
Accept the terms of the contract to install >>
and go ahead with the installation
is a little time consuming, it is normal.
The Office carries a big hard drive space also
is very simple to install
just download the files and mount image in virtual device
do the installation
and then, use the activator program
I'll show how it works and let the link in the description
WE'll let the link in the video description for download
Nice. is installed
Now we must turn activated
How do we do:
The torrent doenlaoded
Will be there in device cd-rom
you search for the folder "crack", make it:
Open Office Activator 2010.exe
This is the file we will open and run, okay?
Great, open the activator for Office.
It will appear this
In this black screen, you click
"Activate Office 2010 VL"
This first option enables Office, click it
You will see the command prompt
which makes the operations necessaries for the Office activation
Here you will enter option 1
press enter on command prompt
what I'm talking in notepad
is to translate to English...
enter option 1 and will be applied information on Windows reg
This can be somewhat time consuming, about 2 min
when you see this message is because the Office activation isalready finished
You can press any key to close. Done!
Now you can open all programs you want - Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Access.
All they will abris without problem.
You can install the Updates for MS Office
Use recommended settings.
If you do not want, not need
This way does the updates automatically
Well folks, it was all
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