League of Legends - Skarner Double Top Edition

Uploaded by xChinNin on 26.05.2012

Hey! What's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to play Skarner, the fart master.
As you can see, my buttfucking friend Murdered and I are jungling at level 1.
Annnd no...I'm not a jungler becauuuuuse...
I'm going top with my BF so we can kill some guys soloing top.
Like him, him, him, or him.
You know, not having a jungler is bad, but it's not THAT bad.
Double top has its own benefits!
For example, by jungling together, we can become level 2 faster than the enemy and whoop his ass right after that.
You can also perform a ninja kill at low health on someone trying to ward the brush.
You can also even finish off the tower without worrying about the enemy and kill him afterward.
You can also even as well protect your friend from being killed at low health.
You can also even as well without problem run away while your BF finish off an enemy...
and come back later to save him and, to thank him, give him the last hit of the kill.
You can also even as well without problem successfully survive a gank from the enemy jungler and get a kill.
So yeah, you can pretty much do a few things while being two top.
Oh yeah! There was this one time when we tried to scare the jungler before the creeps spawned...
but we got caught up in the fight.
So we decided to try and get a kill but we ended up being in a 3vs2.
Noticed how Ahri left the mid lane to help his teammates, while our Leblanc just stood in his lane to farm?
Honestly, I don't know why she didn't move from her position...
Eventually, we managed to get the First Blood...but we still died.
Well, good job not coming during the whole fight Leblanc.
Just joking, it was our fault for going in there anyway.
Moving on. Do you guys know why Skarner is called the fart master?
Well, everytime he uses his Crystal Slash, he farts.
The first fart is bearable for the enemies because it doesn't stink that much...
but if he continiously farts on you...well TOO BAD it'll stink so much that you'll lose your balance BWAHAHA.
And that is the scientific reason why the enemies are slowed only after the second fart.
I like to collect stamps, so everytime I get a kill, I'll win a stamp.
So here we gooooo!
And hop, 1 stamp.
BWAHAHA you can't run away from it.
It smells good right?
(Idiot enjoying the smell of the poisonous gaz)
Hey hey Urgot! I'll help you get away! Follow me to safety!
Ah...come on dude! You're going the wrong way!
What? You wanted me to get a 3rd stamp?
Aww, thank you!
This time, my BF and I will help you get away.
Oh why the shit do you insist on going to the opposite way!
What? You wanted me to get my 4th stamp?
Oh my shit this guy is a cool dude!
Hey hey! Let me get a 5th stamp please!
Oh what the shit? You called your ally to ambush us?
Why dude, WHY? I thought we were friends, man...
Oh well I'll just whoop your ass, call my real buttfucking friend to help me out and run away for my life thanks to his headbutt.
I got my 5 Urgot stamps now and thanks to my BF, we survived, no problem!
Nnnnrgh since you called your ally to kill us earlier, we'll just murder you this time!
And hop, my 6th and last stamp for today.
In teamfights, Skarner is a beast because he can fart a lot, dealing a lot of damage to the enemies.
Just look at his farting power against a team full of...supports.
Hmm not going to happen, my friend.
Eww no thanks.
Hell no.
Oh shit...
Farting can also be used to last hit the enemy running away and to slow that cow for another kill.
If you don't have a lot of health, you can stay back and use your Fracture skill to last hit an opponent.
That's it for today. Hope you enjoyed watching the farting power of Skarner.
And I'll leave you with this 1v1 fight with Shen.