Michael Learns To Rock - That's Why You Go Away (piano)

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Testimonial from: Don Shonk www.pianohk.com
I'm finally convinced that your technique is an excellent way to learn to play piano by ear
Much better then any of the methods I've tried so far 5 00:00:40,000 --> 00:00:49,500 I've been practicing the Raymond Lam song
which I never thought I'd even come close to learning to play
with amazing results www.pianohk.com
I must admit that I was extremely skeptical about your method when I first got the DVD
mainly because I wasn't aware of the www.pianohk.com
So-Fa sheet.pdf that came with it www.pianohk.com
Up until then www.pianohk.com
I only knew what you told me in an www.pianohk.com
email before the DVD got here about the www.pianohk.com
do, re, mi practice www.pianohk.com
I'm the typical american male who hates to read instructions and because of this
I missed it on the DVD cover www.pianohk.com
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