An Unexpected Retort

Uploaded by KikiTottori on 09.02.2011

This is the woman your friend was talking to. First, I feel I should say that I know
so much about Christianity because I was one. I was in fact a very devout one. It continues
to interest me today, though, for the same reasons minority races know so much about
races in power; the same reasons gays in homophobic cultures know so much about straights; the
same reasons women in sexist cultures know so much about men. This alone, I would hope,
can speak volumes to you.
I know a lot about it because it is important for the oppressed to know their oppressors.
It is not a thing the oppressed do consciously, but automatically. Think of this as a lesson
in Sociology.
There is a link in this video description that you should watch later.
Also, I’d like to point out that an atheist is a person who does not believe in deities.
There is nothing else implied about the statement. It implies nothing about sciences; only that,
for the same reason you don’t believe in Zeus, Thor or Athena, we don’t believe in
your god, either.
On to more about me, though... It wasn't until I read the Bible from cover to cover that
I became an atheist. I recommend you do the same. Yes, I know very much about religion
in general, and again, especially Christianity.
Now, my initial reaction to this video was the same thing I feel when I speak to many
Christians who do not realize just how much ignorance their religion teaches. From Adam
and Eve to Abraham, the lessons are to remain ignorant, to listen to authority whether or
not it gives you a good reason to listen to it, and to not think of gaining for one's
self, but to instead follow like a sheep.
Ask yourself who these ideas benefit and ask yourself who you think wrote these stories
in the first place. Now, ask yourself what the Bible has been used to do time and time
again throughout history. It has been used to not only justify heinous acts, but to control
mass amounts of people. And what better way to control people than through ignorance?
It is an irony that the tree of knowledge was named as such, as it seems the story almost
blatantly tells us to be ignorant.
American slaves weren't allowed to learn of other opinions, to "mingle" as you put it
with educated people, let alone find education for themselves. They were taught, as Adam
and Eve were taught, to simply follow. This was to keep them slaves, and willing slaves
at that. If God is perfect, if following him is truly the right thing to do, then would
it not be better for you to make the decision to follow him out of wisdom than ignorance?
One must ask why corruption has time and time again asked for and used faith to gain followers
instead of letting people make that decision for themselves…
Could it be because the corrupt leader is, like the idea of slavery, unjust? And that
the corrupt leader is afraid people will figure this out on their own if they learn how corrupt
they truly are?
So, my reaction was sorrow that you would limit yourself to only "mingle" with people
of your beliefs instead of going out and learning more about different people. It does not do
to be ignorant. Ignorance has caused more shame than I care to imagine to the human
But my next reaction, quite frankly, was laughter. You said murder was against the Ten Commandments,
and because of that, murderers are not Christian. There are many things wrong with this statement.
I would like to first point out that the Ten Commandments are part of the Old Testament,
and you later claimed in your video that Jesus' death made it so one no longer needs to follow
the Old Testament's laws, like that of not eating shellfish or, of course, following
the Ten Commandments.
What is also wrong about this statement, though, is that you know that you have lied. And you
know that in the future you will lie as well. You can feel just as bad as a murderer feels
about murdering about it, but it doesn't change the fact that you have and will continue to
commit this sin time and time again. You’ve also done and will continue to do many other
sins, knowing that they are sins. Your argument was that a person who sins despite knowing
it's a sin is not a Christian, and yet you, as any other human, continues to sin, despite
knowing it’s wrong… Now, do not further your lying by telling me you haven’t. All
I’m saying is that, according to your own belief, you are not a Christian.
But, after all that laughter was disgust. I asked myself, how can a person who follows
a religion that teaches both humility and the limitless value of human life possibly
believe that he can judge the value of such life? That it is "not considered murder" if
he murders murderers? That he can see through the eyes of his god and pretend that he is
a sword?
I almost couldn't watch the rest of the video after watching that, after hearing what you
said, especially after you so rhetorically put Islam itself at the center of the 9/11
attacks, which the few radical extremists would like nothing more to be acquainted with.
Know this. People who follow Islam aren't very far removed from you, and quite frankly,
don't consider the extremists who kill people in the name of religion to be Muslims the
exact same way you don't consider murderers as Christians.
You should think about that.
Me having this argument with you is the equivalent of you having this same argument with a Muslim,
and the Muslim saying that, “Muslims don’t fly planes into buildings in order to kill
Still, Jesus taught to "turn the other cheek". He taught pacifism. He did not teach war.
He did not teach to judge life. He did not teach to take life. A fine example of a “real”
Christian who made great strides without any form of violence, despite that violence being
directed not only to him, but to his loved ones as well, was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
You do not have the ability to see into the eyes of God. Instead, it is your job to do
what you KNOW he taught you, and that is to be a pacifist, to not fight, and especially
to not kill, under ANY circumstances.
Now, to my main point. Under your argument, under your definition of a Christian, which
I daresay you might as well put a trademark symbol beside, it stands to say that you,
murderers, lovers, gays, pacifists, monsters, freedom fighters and anyone who believes and
does their best to follow Jesus’ teachings but find themselves time and time again, as
it is only human, to be imperfect, are all Christian… Or that you yourself are not
a Christian.
I'm surprised you don't find it in the least bit odd that there are Catholics who don't
consider anyone else Christians, or that there are Jehovah's Witnesses that don't consider
anyone else Christians, or that the same goes for Mormons, AICs, Orthodox Christians, Angelicans,
Evangelicals and Baptists. There are so many people trying to put Christianity into a box,
to trademark it, and they all have their own definition of it.
The truth of the matter, though, is your entire argument is a logical fallacy. It is called
the “No True Scotsman” fallacy.
Good luck in life, and I hope you learned a thing or two not only from atheists, but
about other religions as well.