GRIP EQ - Design for the Game

Uploaded by GripEQ33117 on 04.10.2012

My name is Justin Atwater-Taylor. Many know me as Justin two-names.
I'm a product designer and semi-professional frisbee golfer.
I've always drawn pictures. I've always built contraptions.
I used to literally call it building contraptions.
I'd go home and I'd rummage through my dad's shop and just find
all the gutters and tubes and weird things and hinges, and just make things out of them.
Disc Golf's been around for a while. It's big in Florida, big in California.
Ooo, he's a disc golfer? Ooo.
So I wanted to redefine it.
I wanted to make people more confident about playing.
More comfortable and more confident.
The idea for the bag came from watching a lot of disc golfers fumble with inadequate gear.
The equipment was clearly uncomfortable and nobody ever sat down and said: "What does
this need to be?" The sport was growing to a big enough level that I felt like it deserved
a certain level of respect. What do people need? What are they doing that's not being designed for?
Habits were well established. Behaviors were well established enough that
we could design a bag that would organize peoples extra things.
If you pay attention and do your homework, you can design for those behaviors
so that they have a much more intuitive experience with your bag.
I arranged the objects that we carry sort of in a vacuum, just in space and then
basically wrapped fabric around that.
Design is intention to action.
If you're truly attentive to what people do then you can design for those actions.
One of my main design intents was to get away from boxy bags.
It's really the first bag that was designed from the back out and from the equipment out
and then also from the ground up.
It fits well on your back. It holds your equipment
very compactly and it stands up on the ground.
You know, I have people telling me, Wow, I didn't even realize I needed this, but now
I can't imagine having anything else.
@$#% duffle bags, man.
It's funny because duffle style bags you fart right on the bag
because it sits on your butt then your bag smells like farts all the time.
And it looks like farts.