First Lady Michelle Obama: Visit

Uploaded by BarackObamadotcom on 28.08.2012

Growing up, I saw how my parents saved and sacrificed and poured everything they had
into me and my brother, because they wanted us to have the kind of education they could
only dream of. And thanks to generations of African Americans like my parents, who fought
to open doors for their children, our country has come so far. And today, when I tuck my
own daughters into bed at night, I think about the doors I want to open for them, and for
all our sons and daughters. More than anything else, that's what this election is about.
It's about the world we want to leave for our children. That's why we need you to register
to vote and make your voice heard this fall. And we need you to make sure that your friends
and families and neighbors are registered and ready to vote as well. No matter what
state you live in, you can visit That's G-O-T-T-A-V-O-T-E . org. This website
has the forms you need to register to vote, along with information on where to find your
local polling station. Every last vote will matter in this election, and we're counting
on you. So please, visit today and help Barack keep moving our country forward
for another four years. Thank you.