Wedding Proposal - El Dia de Su Cumpleaños (Her Birthday)

Uploaded by GustyGPolo on 26.12.2011

it was her birthday
and her boyfriend in canada didn't call her
what a bad boyfriend, right?
she went on with her day
though sad because he didn't even call
she celebrated with her family and friends
and when she least expected
a video appeared...
Natalia - yes ok very handsome..
Gustavo - Hi baby. ok, so here's today's video
the one I was supposed to send earlier
but no, i waited till now
I chose to be the bad boyfriend that doesn't send you anything until the last minute
so what do you think? I took a risk right?
but yes, I hope you're having an awesome time with all your family and friends
I wish you the best on these 25 years
in these...yes 25 years. I'm not going to say the other word
because saying you're a quarter century old, who even says that?
So yes, like I said, I hope you're having an awesome time with you're family
and I just hope you're enjoying it.
ummm there is another thing...
I wanted to ask you a question
Just one question I want to ask
But it's those type of questions that you have to find the perfect time to ask
and also, you kinda have to be around to ask it
so yeah, what I wanted to.. (Video Ends)
Andrea - What happened?
Natalia - Andres is sabotaging all of this
(everyone wondering what happened)
Andrea - why did you mess it up?
Natalia - Ok so like they say in church, say hello to the person beside you
kinda like to burn some time, bless them, tell them that God loves them, Jesus loves them, that you love them too.
Andrea - Gustavo Polo! what are you doing here!?!
Gustavo - Hi everyone
(everyone surprised and yelling things)
(trying to speak but between the nervousness, yelling and shhhing it was almost impossible)
Gustavo - the video was cut short, because there was something I wanted to ask Andrea
Crowd - we don't understand, slow down
Gustavo - I wanted to ask Andrea something I could say in the video
and that was....
I wanted to ask Andrea if she wanted to girl that would spend.. (struggling with ring flower box)
the rest of her days with me serving the Lord by my side
(every one screams)
Andrea - yes of course
(At this point I had no idea what do)
Natalia - no, but she has to say yes first!
Andrea - I did! Yes of course!!
(everyone screams again)
(still no clue what goes next, should have practiced)
Gustavo - another surprise is that my mother came with me too
(it was the first time they met)
Andrea - Hi everyone, I'm so nervous what do I do?
also, I now have a ring!
(everyone cheering)
Pastor Carmen Lilia (Her Mom) - I have something to say, and now I can say it with more freedom
14 years ago I travelled to Toronto
And I arrived really early at the church
the Pastor (Abel Casillas) went to his office and I went to pray in the temple.
and while praying the Lord said, "Lift your eyes and look"
and the only thing I saw was an eleven year old boy that was there
and the Lord told me, "Look carefully, because that is the husband of your daughter Andrea."
(everyone cheering)
happy birthday future wife!
i love you!
thank you andres and natalia for all your help!