Sony PC Companion - Contacts Setup

Uploaded by sonyxperiasupport on 12.04.2012

When you install PC Companion on your computer, you gain access to valuable and useful features that help you to get the most out of your Xperia Android phone.
To get started, simply connect your Xperia Android phone to your PC, and the PC Companion install popup will appear.
Follow the instructions to install.
You can also download PC Companion from
Use Contacts Setup to transfer contacts to your new Xperia Android phone.
The contacts can be gathered from different sources:
your computer, your old Sony Ericsson phone or phones of other brands.
Choose between transferring contacts directly to your phone
or uploading contacts to your Google account and then synchronizing them with your phone.
First, Contacts Setup will look for contacts in your old phone and on your computer.
Review the found contacts and when ready, start the transfer to your new phone.
The last step happens in your new phone.
Depending on which way you transferred contacts,
either import contacts transferred to phone memory or set up synchronization with your Google account.
Now that you have transfered contacts to your new phone. You are good to go.
We hope you will enjoy setting up your new phone using Sony PC Companion and Contacts Setup.