El discorso del Putin (doppià daea DOLiWOOD) © 2013 DOLiWOOD ...

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Hello to all
but above all to the Doliwood staff
You must have heard that I have been dubbed
actually it is all true,
but apparently it was a fucked-up dubbing.
You have discovered me right away, all of you!
So I decided to call...
...the Doliwood Films!
I've been watching the end-year message by Doliwood
and I said "Fuck! That is a good speech, indeed!"
I've been laughing so much
that I felt like I was...
...a PUTIN.
Yes, well, it means a child...
Without saying vulgarity, profanity, cocks...
...and pussies.
But it is known, in Veneto they are lucky
because they really do have everything.
They are happy, unlike us.
But have you heard the latest?
In Veneto, after Veneto City and the Romea Commerciale,
after the Palais Lumière,
after the Calatrava bridge,
after the TAV,
after the Pedemontana,
in a village of 6000 souls,
Sarcedo, near Thiene,
those queers,
do you know what they are going to build them?
A Virgin Mary golf camp
of over 24,000 square meters, ok!?
They are the lucky ones,
not us...
As a matter of fact we al know
that golf is by now considered
by everyone
the national sport in Italy, isn't it?
...completely different from my house, where we only play moskokass. (me wit cock, you with ass)
But I say: what do they have in Sarcedo to deserve a golf camp?
For Christmas I received a vodka...
And who knows what the Befana will bring me?
Last year she brought me
...a bottle of vodka...
I'm beginning to
break my balls!
I would come to Veneto right away
...but I've heard that the highway
from Mestre to Padova
doesn't cost 2,90 Euros anymore, but 3,20!
...but go and get slamm..
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Translations and subtitles by Andrea Lunardon, translator for the Venetian language.
Languages: ENG-SPA-FRE-CAT-ITA-VEN lunardonlanguages@gmail.com